5 country flight success!

If you don’t know that trans-country flights are possible without global and without exiting a region, check this out!:

I did the one in Amsterdam! I entered 5 countries.
Flight plan with a glitch (they showed me planes from the Paris region):

During the flight, the visibility from 50km dropped to 5km. That was in Germany, countiniued to Luxemburg and ended at Belgium with 50km visibility:


A successfull landing at EBCI!

Funny story:
“EHTW Unicom, taxiing to runway 06”
“EHTW Unicom, taking off runway 06. Departing straight out”
2 minutes later…
“Brussels airport, you are in an active airspace. Please contact our tower at 111.11”
“Attention all passengers! We just recived a message that we need to contact Brussels tower. First of all, we are crossing Germany’s border. Second of all, approximately we will enter Belgium in 40 minutes. Third of all, WE AREN’T EVEN LANDING IN BRUSSELS! Thank you for listening”
20 minutes later…
“Dear passengers, the visibility dropped from 50km to 5km. Seems like Luxemburg has bad weather”
5 minutes later…
“Dear passengers, officialy Belgium’s weather is better than Luxemburg’s”
The rest is history. Also this is true. And I did cross 5 countries.


why can’t you just post this with the other topic?

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I like this format that I do. I did a different flight and posted a topic with this format and I am sticking with it.

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MEH. I don’t really care.

I guess Landing was bad

why do you think that?

Also, added a funny story!

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