$5 Airbus A319 Model?

For A Limited Time Only!

$5 Airbus A319 Model?

Here is a cheap airbus a319!

Aircraft: a319-111
Livery: Passenger
Airline: Airbus
Manufacture: Hogan Wings
Scale: 1:200
Length: 6 inches
Wingspan: 6 inches
Country & Continent: France, Europe
Stand: Yes
Gear: Yes
Type of assembly: Snap-Fit
Shipping: Multiple Options
Engines: 2


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  • Thanks A lot, I’m definitely buying this
  • Thanks, but no thanks, I’m definitely not buying this
  • I’m not sure yet

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Poor quality but good for its price.

The aircraft quality is OK.

Ain’t nobody want an Airbus, pfft!


Ok, 60$ for a snapfit scale model in 1:200 is just a robbery. For less than that, you can buy a Revell 1:144 aircraft+paint+glue.

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I’m confused?

What is it?

That standard MSRP is highway robbery for a Hogan model, however at that price it’s a good pickup.


This is a very nice deal.

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I saw that yesterday. It had no gear so yeah… I didn’t get it.

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Thanks! That means a lot!

It comes with gear.

I don’t know why people are complaining. Most model airplanes(well at least the ones I have) cost $30-50. This is a REALLY good deal. :)

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Because they’re mostly made out of metal with some plastic, but the page says the model is of a plastic, snap-fit aircraft. 60$ for something in 1:200 isn’t worth it. For 5$ is another story.

damn I should of got those two.

Are adverts allowed here?

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I hooked you up ;D

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If you bought it, post pics of it!

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I just bought it😉

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I have some 1:200 models but mostly 1:100, but a $5 1:200 model can’t be bad

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