5,000 flight hours - Now 6,000

Hey fellow community,

I’m not one for speeches, but I just finished a flight, which took me to 5,000 hours in the air, in game. I started gaining these hours from when I joined the servers, only from February 18th, 2019. That’s 527 days ago, since them I’ve gained 210 days nonstop flying. That’s not including the time at the gate, the time taxing, and just my life in general.

I started playing in about 2014ish when I turned 10 years old and got given an Ipod Touch… I never suggest that device, I had no other choice and no form of payment 😒. Infinite Flight along with a subscription was the first thing I purchased when my bank account got activated. I went from flying like a couple of hours a day, to nowadays where my devices legitimately doesn’t get a rest, and I’ve only gone through 3 in these 6 years*


1st device, an Ipod Touch just died from the battery and a very badly damaged screen I cracked whilst cycling 🤦‍♂️… Safe to say I decided to attempt to take it apart after it fully died… lol I still have it.

2nd device, a Samsung Galaxy A40 smashed on my bathroom floor in December after spending a weekend in Birmingham, literally just came home to the throne. Not a joke, it wasn’t funny, I was tired AF. I got insurance on it, claimed it, only the screen was damaged and needed to be replaced, and it got denied to be fixed, so basically I lost money because they couldn’t be asked to fix it. Not the first time it happened either. I didn’t see it after it got posted to the insurance claim thingy people.

3rd device? Samsung Galaxy A70… Lasted non stop so far, peeps… Just keep your interface timeout and status bar hidden, trust me it’ll burn your screen.

I’ve also managed to be on the community 485 days, with Devotee (been on every day for a year), and 37 days read time, that’s about 900 hours I’ve actively been on this forum just since I bought a sub. I joined and did a basic bit of activity then just left and didn’t return for almost a year.

I should probably visit outside… haven’t been there in a while… Seems to be this virus thing I’ve heard about recently… Seems legit.

It also seems that I may be one for ranting on about random speeches after all. 🤔🤣

I want to thank every one of you here, staff and community members who have talked to me and for what they do. It makes me learn something new about something or someone, makes a new friend, and makes the community a better place. I don’t bite and am always up for a chat! 😄

I’m also very slowly making my way through my logbook, to see out of general interest how much I’ve flown every aircraft, since I never fly on solo unless testing something such as a gate for an event.


yeah, yeah, rub it in…

lol jk congrats Ethan!


Congratulations! What a huge achievement. Next stop, 10,000 hours 🎉


Oooooh yes I’m loving these hours… 😌



That’s the plan! (And so fourth!)

Thanks for the congrats.


The legend has reached 5,000 hours!

Congrats Ethan!


Eyyy, Ecoops reached a milestone. Nice work!


Heavens, me, Ethan! Congratulations! Here’s to the next 5,000.

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Congratulations, Ethan!

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All I can say is WOW! I think we should all give @Ecoops123 a round of applause for his mindblowing 5k hours of flight time! I’m not even close to that at only 1242 hours. Now you can aim for 10k hours as your next milestone!


That is an big mile stone! Congrats and continue the great work on IFC!!


Congrats on 5k! Such a huge milestone.

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Wow! 5K hours damn that’s a lot. Congrats!

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Congratulations, that’s a lot of hours😂

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Awesome milestone. I was thinking… I bet I’m close to 5,000… I fly a lot. Then I checked. I only have just over 200! Long way to go to 5000. Awesome stuff!

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Wow now that is what I call dedication! Fantastic job. :D

Next 20000 just like @iidvdii, you will be there in no time, it will only take a few years ;)

Cign :)


Nice, 😇💪💙

Congratulations dear for this big achievement
Can’t wait to see you with 20 thousand of flying hours .
And I’m really sorry for your old devices .


Congratulations this achievement.
Ask Ryanair for a job 😉

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Will @Captain_Cign that is old news 20000 hours now I have more 1130 hours since May 2020 ✌🏻