4yrs old topic revisited.

There is clear confusion with speed in expert server, I came cross more often in couple of days. I’m asking Mr. @Tyler_Shelton to clear things one more time, I know whole community, the Pilot and ATC Will listen to your instructions.

Looks like atc concentrating too much on ground speed rather then spacing out one comes behind you. I looked at real world atc they all given out same airspeed to all aircrafts on same length of airspace ex “speedbird001 reduce speed to 180kts until 5 DME”

So these technique completely removes wind speeds, ground speeds, aircrafts types. That’s why you hardly hear best forwards speed other then speed at your discretion in real world atc.

Just an example, same aircrafts, same IAS, different ground speed, stop looking at ground speed peeps! :)

Here is the old topic…

Feel free to correct me if I said anything wrong, I’m here to learn, thanks


As tower controllers, we cannot issue a specific speed to aircraft. We can only tell them to maintain best forward speed or reduce to slowest practical speed. We can also say speed at their discretion.

However, as radar controllers, we can issue specific speed commands in increments of 10, as well as what tower controllers can issue.

Keep in mind, this is all in KIAS, knots indicated airspeed. As controllers, however, we can only see ground speed, so we have to judge based off of that, and we have tips for how to do that within IFATC and in our manual.

I hope this answers your concern!


Your reference to real world aviation relies on the pilots professional knowledge of how air traffic control works along with spacing and sequencing.

Within IF, we have aviation enthusiasts, not experts. So 'speed at your discretion allows aircraft to fly as fast or slow as they want but they will always maintain the required spacing. Also, pilots communicate between each other to help each other out too… in my real-world experience.

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In Heathrow they restrict everyone until 4…5dme with airspeed without taking ground speed wind speed into consideration, the speed at your discretion given out middle section of localisers so depends on aircrafts type they can safely land.

I’m not sure what you are going on about here


Wow! Good to hear from you mate, I thought you are busy with life, I hardly seen you leave any comments.

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Still kicking around very busy with life though.


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