4th of July Fly-In

Fly-In to San Fransisco on the 4th of July at 3:00pm to 6:00pm pacific coast time! Only use American Airlines or f 18, f 14, f 16 and f 22 and no P 38’s please. The server will be " Free Flight Server 1". Set your time to sunset. It makes everything look pretty. Look at my Twitter for more pics https://mobile.twitter.com/librapegasus. See you there! Happy 4th of July everyone.

F-14s and F-16s present to perform some aerial maneuvers?

Best, Boeing707

Sweet! See you there!

That sounds great.

Are you saying American Airlines specifically? Or any american based airline?

Only American Airlines.

Awesome ill definitely try to be there! ill fly F22

How about a more convineient time not right when 50 percent of americans are getting drunk. And we dont want any drunk flyers!

OK!!! I will meet you there

I will use the F14

Why not a better time why on the fourth of july? Thats like hvaing an event on christmas