4th of July Flight @ KLAX - 041500ZJUL16

this event is to represent America fly below.

Leader of event:Newyork Aviation

Airline:American airlines old livery or new livery


sever:ATC playground

where to meet:terminal 5&6

Date:July 4th 2016


Hope you can come have fun!


Great Event! But please use the correct format.

4th of July Flight @KLAX


i wanted to no if you can fix it for me i have an hard time doing it

Okay, what time do you want the event?

11:AM EST ok

thank you so much are you coming

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Yes, I leave at 12:00 for a vacation, so maybe I could pop in!

Just so u guys know I am Newyork Aviation on Infinite flight

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I think this event should be in New York but LAX is OK because many infinite flight players don’t have the New York map.

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Damnit! I’ll be in in the car, I’m moving on the 4th XD. Probally my second year without the 4th of July. Last year I was in Canada. XD

Im not really good w time zonescan u tell me what time the flight is for north carolina

who’s online?

does us livery count

American is better

I’m at the gate and whtas the flightplan

Just stay unroll I come ok

No but it has to be american

You can come now

what is your callsign?