4OCT2022 / 1600Z - Rome Fiumicino Fly-out - @LIRF

Rome Fiumicino Flyout


Hi everyone! Welcome to my first event! It is a flyout with gate assignment from an important Italian airport: Rome Fiumicino!
In this topic you can find all the information you need and, if you want to join, feel free to tell me which gate you want and I’ll add you as soon as possible

Event Details

These are the Event Details. Be sure to read them carefully before joining the event!
Server: Expert Server
Airport: LIRF
Time: 2022-10-04T16:00:00Z2022-10-04T17:00:00Z

Gates Assignment

These are the gates assignment. You can read them and choose the flight you prefer. After doing that, write which one do you want below and I’ll add you. Almost all the routes are real and the gate assignment is as well. And remember, spawn in the correct gate because it will help to not get confused. See you there 😉

Terminal 1
Gate Destination Airport Airline Aircraft Flight Time Pilot
Gate 402 Paris Charles de Gaulle (LFPG) Air France A220 1:45
Gate 404 Bari (LIBD) Ita Airways A320* 0:45
Gate 405 Catania (LICC) Ita Airways A320* 0:50
Gate 406 Barcelona (LEBL) Vueling A320 1:25
Gate 407 Amsterdam (EHAM) KLM 737-800 2:00
Gate 408 Palermo (LICJ) Ita Airways A320* 0:45
Gate 409 Madrid (LEMD) Iberia A321 2:10
Gate 410 Brussels (EBBR) Brussels Airlines A319 1:45
Gate 411 Cagliari (LIEE) Ita Airways A320* 0:45
Gate 422 Milan Linate (LIML) Ita Airways A319* 0:50 @DavideBG_aviator
Gate 432 Muenchen (EDDM) Lufthansa A320 (Old Livery) 1:10
Remote Stand 221 Florence (LIRQ) Ita Airways A319* 0:35
Remote Stand 222 Helsinki (EFHK) Finnair A321 2:50
Remote Stand 223 Naples (LIRN) Ita Airways A319* 0:35
Remote Stand 224 Bologna (LIPE) Ita Airways A320* 0:40
Remote Stand 225 Cologne (EDDK) Eurowings A320 1:35
Remote Stand 226 Dusseldorf (EDDL) Eurowings A319 1:40
Remote Stand 227 Eindhoven (EHEH) Ryanair 737-800 1:50
Remote Stand 228 Santorini (LGSR) Vueling A320 1:45 @AZ001
Remote Stand 229 Marseille (LFML) Ryanair 737-800 1:05
Remote Stand 230 Trieste (LIPQ) Ita Airways A319* 0:55
Remote Stand 231 Venice (LIPZ) Ita Airways A319* 0:50
Remote Stand 232 Berlin Brandenburg (EDDB) Ryanair 737-800 1:45
Remote Stand 233 Alghero (LIEA) Ita Airways A320* 0:40
Remote Stand 234 La Valletta/Malta (LMML) Ita Airways A320* 1:05
Remote Stand 235 Oslo (ENGM) SAS A320 2:50
Remote Stand 236 Prague (LKPR) Eurowings A319 1:30
Remote Stand 237 Malaga (LEMG) Vueling A320 2:30
Remote Stand 238 Stockholm (ESSA) Ryanair 737-800 3:00 @11124
Remote Stand 301 Turin (LIMF) Ita Airways A320* 0:55
Remote Stand 302 Lamezia Terme (LICA) Ita Airways A320* 0:50
Remote Stand 303 Genova (LIMJ) Ita Airways A319* 0:45
Remote Stand 304 Olbia (LIEO) Ita Airways A320* 0:30
Remote Stand 305 Brindisi (LIBR) Ita Airways A319* 0:50

Terminal 2

This terminal in real life became part of Terminal 1. In-game, there is still written “Terminal 2”.

Gate Destination Airport Airline Aircraft Flight Time Pilot
Gate 501 Copenaghen (EKCH) Norwegian Air Shuttle 737-800 2:15
Gate 502 Franfurt (EDDF) Lufthansa A320 (2018 Livery) A320 1:35
Gate 503 Geneva (LSGG) Swiss A319 1:15 @Yukiros_31
Gate 505 Nice (LFMN) Easyjet A320 (2015 Livery) 0:50 @N889FQ
Gate 506 Zurich (LSZH) Swiss A321 1:10
Gate 507 Athens (LGAV) Aegean A320 1:25
Gate 509 Lisboa (LPPT) Tap Air Portugal A320 2:45
Gate 510 Paris Orly (LFPO) Transavia 737-800 1:40

Terminal 3
Gate Destination Airport Airline Aircraft Flight Time Pilot
Gate 601 Sao Paulo (SBGR) LATAM Airlines 777-300ER 11:00
Gate 603 Charlotte (KCLT) American Airlines 777-200ER 10:00
Gate 605 Dallas (KDFW) American Airlines 777-200ER 11:15
Gate 606 Casablanca (GMMN) Royal Air Maroc 737-800 2:50
Gate 607 Bucharest (LROP) Tarom 737-700* 1:35
Gate 608 Cairo (HECA) 737-800 EgyptAir 2:50
Gate 609 Istanbul (LTFM) Turkish Airlines A321 1:55
Gate 610 Dublin (EIDW) Aer Lingus A321 2:50
Gate 611 Milan Malpensa (LIMC) Gulf Air A321 0:55
Gate 612 London Heathrow (EGLL) British Airways A320 2:15
Gate 613 Tunis-Carthage (DTTA) Tunisair A319 0:50
Gate 614 Tirana (LATI) WizzAir A321 1:00
Gate 701 Dubai (OMBD) Emirates A380 5:15
Gate 703 New York (KJFK) American Airlines 777-200ER 8:50
Gate 704 Singapore (WSSS) Singapore Airlines A350 11:40 @Arnav_Nimbkar
Gate 705 Chicago O’Hare (KORD) American Airlines 787-9 9:40
Gate 707 Tel Aviv (LLBG) El Al 787-9 2:40
Gate 709 Newark (KEWR) United Airlines 777-300ER 8:50
Gate 711 Doha (OTHH) Qatar Airways 777-300ER 4:55
Gate 802 Toronto (CYYZ) Air Canada 777-300ER 9:00
Gate 804 Split (LDSP) Croatia Airlines Dash-8 Q400 0:50
Gate 806 London Gatwick (EGKK) EasyJet A319 2:10
Remote Stand 809 Zagreb (LDZA) Ryanair operated by Lauda A320* 0:55
Remote Stand 811 Zadar (LDZD) Ryanair 737-800 0:45
Remote Stand 813 Bacau (LRBC) WizzAir A321 1:40
Remote Stand 815 Sofia (LBSF) Ita Airways A319* 1:25
Remote Stand 824 Dubrovnik (LDDU) Croatia Airlines Dash-8 Q400 1:05
Remote Stand 825 Manchester (EGCC) Jet2 737-800 2:25
Remote Stand 826 Algiers (DAAG) Air Algérie 737-800* 1:30
Remote Stand 827 Amman (OJAI) Ryanair 737-800 3:00
Remote Stand 828 Belgrade (LYBE) Air Serbia A320* 1:10
Remote Stand 829 Chisinau (LUKK) WizzAir A321 1:50

*This means that the aircraft doesn’t have that livery and therefore if a pilot choose this flight have to use the Generic Livery

Airport Information

These are all the Airport Information. Before spawning be sure that you have checked them all for a better experience for you, for the other pilots and for the ATC controllers 😀

SIDs and STARs

There are no published SIDs or STARs yet. This is because we don’t know yet which runway we will use. These procedures will be used only if there is much traffic. If not, you don’t have to use them but be careful while flying and follow all ATC instructions.

Runways in use

This is a really important thing to know: the runways in use. Please, check out which runways we will utilize by using this topic or the ATIS frequency while on the gate.
There are no published runways in use yet. The runways in use will be here the day of the Event

Departure Runway(s) Landing Runway(s)
// //
// //
// //

Here is a detailed map of LIRF Airport that could be useful. Check the full charts here.

Note that sometimes ATC controllers could not follow some of the real procedures to provide a better and faster service to the pilots.

IFC Airport Guide

Here is a really helpful IFC Airport Guide made by @AZ001. Before doing your flight, check it for all the airport information.
Your Guide to Rome Fiumicino International Airport (FCO/LIRF)


The ATC is one of the most important parts of an Event. Please, follow all ATC instructions. In this way, everything will be easier and faster for everyone.
These are the controllers during this event. If you are part of IFATC and want to control during this Event, please write which frequency do you want and I’ll add you.

Frequency Controller
ATIS @Jinco
Ground @Jinco
Tower @Jinco
Departure //
Center //


  • Please spawn 10 or 15 minutes before the event starts

  • Be professional while flying

  • Follow all ATC instructions

  • Have fun!

Thanks to…

@Butter575 for giving me some tips and these two topics for helping to create a good topic:
Tutorial on how to create an IFC Event
IFATC Event: Manchester Fly-in

Last things to say

That was all! I hope you can join the event. As mentioned, this is my first event so I could’ve made mistake or I will do some. It’s a sort of test, I’ll see how everything works 😀 Have a good day!
Jinco 🛫



Still 5 days to join if you want/can 😉

I really wish I could come but I have stupid school

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No worries about that! Maybe next time 😉 Bye!

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No one signed up yet 😭 But you still have 4 days 🤩 If you want and if you can, don’t hesitate to tell me which flight you want to do on the day of the Event!

I’ll Take Singapore A350
Please Reserve a gate for N1 Heavy

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Hey @Arnav_Nimbkar! Is N1 Heavy your callsing? If so, no worries, the callsign doesn’t matter! I add you now 😀

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Added! Thanks for signing up! If you have questions regarding the Event, feel free to ask!

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Hey guys! You have 3 days to join the event! Feel free to do so 😉

No one else? Really? 😭 Come on guys, let’s fill some gates 🤩


Since there’s not much traffic so far, I will be also Ground, not only Tower and ATIS!
In the meantime, you still have time to join 😉


Hey hey, guys! I want to tell you that I’m not usually available after 2100Z/2130Z (even if today I will be available for a little more) so, if you write something after that hour, I will get back to you after 6000Z. But, you can still join, let’s make more sign-ups!

You still have 3 days!


2 days left

Hi everyone! 2 days left to the event. If you are free and want to join, tell me which gate you want and I’ll add you!

Still no one else? 😭 If we are more the event will be great 🤩

Can you chose a random destination, or does it have to be from the list? Because i want to participate in the event

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For this event, you have to choose from the list 😀

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Can I get this flight please?
Ci vediamo a Roma 🤗

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Of course, you can!
Ci vediamo 😉

I will choose this flight then

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Sure! I added you! See you there!