4OCT20 / 1500Z - Experimental connection @ EGLL-LXGB-FHSH

  • Aircraft and Livery:
    A321-British Airways
  • Route:
  • Time of Departure:
  • Server:

Climb:2500 ftm
Cruise: Leg one fl360 leg two fl340
Descent: 2500
Speed: bellow 10,000 250knots. Bellow fl280 300knots. Above fl280 Mach 0.82

  • **Additional Information:**Spawn in at Heathrow Terminal 5a. Copy my flight plan. Fly to Gibraltar and stop for 30 minutes to refuel and head to St Helena. Flight time, EGLL to Gibraltar 2hrs. Gibraltar to St Helena is 9hr.

Start to spawn in

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