4NOV23: The Sint Maarten Fly-in

Sint Maarten is an island in the Northeastern Carribean Sea, and is a semi-autonomous country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It is divided between the French and the Dutch, with the airport being on the Dutch side. The island is most famous for its fabulously low approaches on RWY10 at Princess Juliana airport. It attracts tourists all over to come to Maho Beach to be blown away by jet blast for the Airplanes to fly directly above you. Me and @BenjiTheBull will be hosting this event!

Saint Martin (island) - Wikipedia
25 Epic Things to Do in Saint Martin + St. Maarten (Caribbean) – Sand In My  Suitcase

Server: Expert

Airport: TNCM (Princess Juliana Intl)

Time: 1900z

ATIS Ground Tower Approach Departure San Juan Oceanic Center Piarco Center
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The are no gate assignments for this event, but we still need you to sign up so we know whos coming. Please reply with an airline, origin, and your ifc username.

Airline Aircraft Origin Airport Pilot
American 737-800 Miami (KMIA) @BenjiTheBull
American 737-800 Miami (KMIA) @MrGoatX
United 737-700 Chicago O’hare (KORD) @Vinnepinnen
jetBlue a320 New York (KJFK) @Anthony_Gulluscio
American a319 Charlotte (KCLT) @Samuel_Acosta1
Charter A339 San Jose del Cabo (MMSD) @United403
Delta 757 Atlanta (KATL) @Ayyjay
Delta 757 New York (KJFK) @WonderousBuilder641
Sun Country 737-800 Minneapolis (KMSP) @Mort
American 737-800 Miami (KMIA) @Jay003
American 737-800 Miami (KMIA) @MANDELA
BBJ 737-900 San Jose del Cabo (MMSD) @EnthusiasticAviation
Spirit A321 Fort Lauderdale @Cole_Woodard
Infinite Flight CL35 Canyon Lands (KCNY) @PhorzaSky
Delta 757 Atlanta (KATL) @Ryan_Carney
WestJet 737-800 Toronto (CYYZ) @accu
Private MD11 Raleigh-Durham (KRDU) → Tampa (KTPA) → Sint Maarten (TNCM) @DJW
jetBlue A321 New York (KJFK) @Cristian_Buzoianu
jetBlue a321 Boston (KBOS) @Icey
BBJ 737-700 Colmar (LFGA) @Artemiypilot
Delta a330-300 Los Angeles @Prestoni

Reccomended Routes:

Short Haul

MKJP to TNCM: 2.5 Hours, Carribean Airlines 738

Medium Haul

KMIA to TNCM: 3 Hours, American 738
KJFK to TNCM: 4 Hours, jetBlue a320

Long Haul

EHAM to TNCM: 9 Hours, KLM 744 or A333
LFPG to TNCM: 9 Hours, Air France A359

american 738 from kmia please


yeah i gotchu

United 737-7 from Chicago
Hopefully it’s 3d by then🤞


youre down!

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I’ll try this, it’s far in advance tho so I’m not sure I can make it

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I’ll take these

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Hey can I take an American a319 arriving from Charlotte. It’s also my birthday that day!

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I’ll be arriving from Ullanbattar Mongolia in a Private A330-900Neo

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sint maarten is already 3d im sure

he’s talking about chicago (KORD)

can i take a delta 757-200 from atlanta though

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oh makes sense

I’ll do a Delta 757 from New York (JFK)

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Can I snag SY 738 in from MSP?

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This would be ZMKC

oh thanks man i was bouta reply

alr i gotcha down anyway

thank you!

happy early bday!!