4NOV23: Big Apple Part 1 DEPARTED


Welcome amazing IFC Inhabitants to the first event of a 3 part series hosted in none other than New York City! The first airport will be LaGuardia, located in the northwest part of Queens! Opened in 1939 as a municipal airport, LGA has turned from a mare marine air terminal with a just a few flights per day to a massive airport that has become a hub for American and Delta!

Event Details
Airport: LaGuardia Airport KLGA
Server: Expert Serve4
Time: 2100z, 3pm mst


Terminal A
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
A1 Spirit Houston A320 @Matt
A2 Reserved for @Spirit_Virtual
A3 Reserved for @Spirit_Virtual
A4 Reserved for @BreezeVirtual
A5 Reserved for @Spirit_Virtual
A6 Reserved for @BreezeVirtual
Terminal B
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
D01 American Dallas A321
D02 American Washington National CRJ7 @Ryan_Carney
D03 American Chicago B738 @Andy_Garrett
D04 American Jackson Hole A319 @United403
D05 American Pittsburgh CRJ7
D07 American Nashville A320
D10 American Montrose A319
24 American Aruba A319
25 American Little Rock CRJ7
26 American Glacier Park A320
27 American Charlotte B738 @ayyjay
28 American Key West E175 @Jay003
29 American Grand Rapids CRJ2
30 American Cleveland E175
31 American Asheville CRJ7
40 Jetblue Bermuda BCS3 @IFAL
41 Reserved for @SouthwestVirtual
42 Jetblue Tampa A321
43 JetBlue Boston E190 @Jetblue1269
44 United Denver A320 @Lingling89
45 United Houston A320
46 United Washington Dulles E175 @American367
47 Reserved for @BreezeVirtual
48 Reserved for @BreezeVirtual
49 Jetblue Orlando A320 @Anthony_Gulluscio
51 Air Canada Toronto E175
52 Reserved for @SouthwestVirtual
53 Jetblue Sarsota E190
54 Reserved for @SouthwestVirtual
55 Southwest Kansas City B737
56 Reserved for @BreezeVirtual
57 Reserved for @BreezeVirtual
58 Jetblue Fort Myers E190
58 Reserved for @SouthwestVirtual
Terminal C
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
C26A Delta Bangor CRJ2
C26B Delta Albany CRJ2
C26C Delta Worchester CRJ2
C26D Delta Madison CRJ2
C29 Delta Montreal E175
C30 Delta Norfolk CRJ9 @Imalwaysbmw
C31 Delta Albany CRJ9 @Harrison_S
C32 Delta Raleigh E175 @DJW
C33 Delta Raleigh E175
C34 Delta Boston E175
C35 Delta Savannah CRJ9
C37 Delta Tranverse City E175
C38 Delta Pensacola CRJ9
C39 Delta Martha’s Vineyard E175 @717Flier
C41 Delta Washington National E175
Terminal D
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
D06 Delta Atlanta E175 @Topgottem
D07 Delta New Orleans B738 @fsin1922
D08 Delta Salt Lake City B739 @Prestoni
D09 Delta Chicago BCS3
D10 Delta Dallas BCS3
D11 Delta Phoenix B738 @FlyAndCrash
92 Delta Tampa B739
93 Delta Miami B738
94 Delta Orlando A321
94 Delta Kansas City A319
96 Delta Detroit A320 @CaptainNnamdi
97 Delta Los Angeles BCS3 @_TheTexanAvgeek
98 Delta Minneapolis A319 @Mort
American Airlines Stands
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
A TXVA Houston Hobby E175 @EastTexasAviationYT
B TXVA Houston Hobby E175
C2 TXVA Houston Hobby E175
D TXVA Houston Hobby E175
E TXVA Houston Hobby E175
F Reserved for @Spirit_Virtual
G Reserved for @Spirit_Virtual

Air Traffic Control

Frequency User


  • Follow ATC instructions
  • If you intend to fly in from another airport please time it accordingly
  • We are not responsible any level 1,2 or 3 violations
  • If no ATC is not present use Unicom as professional as possible
  • Have fun



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Since this is a part one are we going to see the other port area airports be served

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Wait. JetBlue flies to Bermuda?

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