4NOV21 / 2045Z - Short Hop to CLT! @ KATL to KCLT [Finished]

Hello everyone!

I was looking for anyone who would like to do a flight with me to Charlotte Douglas Airport from Atlanta! We’d be flying a Delta 717-200 over to CLT. It will be on expert server. I was planning on departing at around 1:45 PM PDT which is in like 15 minutes. If you would like to join please reply to this message and I will get you gate info and the route! Hope to see you all in the skies!

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Here are the gates I’m using. Please don’t park at these gates! DL2627 (DAL2627) Delta Flight Tracking and History 04-Nov-2021 (KATL-KCLT) - FlightAware

Also were going to be going up to FL250 on this flight.

I will create the route and you guys will have to copy it!

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