4K Screenshots and Replay

Hello, I have found an issue with the new update, whenever I take a 4k screenshot it sends the aircraft to its first position, and the “normal” camera rotates around a certain part the aircraft was at, and then if I try to change camera the app crashes.

But the 4k screenshots are pretty cool

If Infinite Flight is crashing when screenshotting, you are low on ram. You’ll need to lower down to 2x.

how much ram do you have?

I don’t know about ram but I have 23.41GB left of storage

what device do you have?

Lenovo TAB8

So I have just googled it and it says you have 2GB RAM.

please try this and then let me know

My bad, it’s a Lenovo tab4 8, I don’t know if that’ll make a difference

No it doesn’t :)

What do you mean by lower it down to 2x?

In settings right at the bottom of the general tab, there is an option to reduce screenshot resolution.

Settings < scroll down < screenshot resolution scale < and make it 2x

Alright, I’ve done that, thanks.

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