4K Frontier

Wow won’t you look at that! 19.1 surprised everyone today with its stunning new A333 rework, live replay, gate restrictions, and other things. Honestly, I think this is my second favorite update, behind the global update of course! Anyways, I decided to dive into the new frontier of 4K imagery in IF and it surely didn’t disappoint! Here are some beautiful 4K screenshots of me and @MrMrMan taking off at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, KPHX!

Oh, and here are some comparison photos just to show how wonderful this 4K photo option is!


Simply… beautiful. 👏🤙


When I pressed the HD screenshot button, the screen flew around and did nothing. The 1st time I got a blank blue image, and the second time it didn’t do anything. What’s wrong?

It takes time to generate the image. If it locks up you need to change your screenshot settings.

After it flies around the screen it should do nothing else in the IF app. But it should’ve downloaded the photo to your devices camera roll. Did you check that?

I did. Nothing. Does it not support the photos app?

It should support it. Maybe it just needs time like Chris said. Or maybe even change your screenshot settings.

They’re not 4k but nice pictures anyways 🙃

Keep up the good work!

Using the app it directly creates 4K photos. But downloading the photos into discourse of course downgrades the quality of the photos. But yes, at the time of taking them they were 4K.

My point being they’re not anymore so no point in advertising them as… Anyways, they’re good photos let’s leave it at that 🙃

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I fixed the problem! Thanks for the help!

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