4JUL2020 / 1900Z - 4th July Comemoration @KPNE TO KDCA

Hi folks! Well, we all knows the most important date for United States are coming, so to honor this I’m here to propose a flight from Philadelphia ( city that was proclamed the republic of the United States) to Washington ( actual capital) with the c172, the first and more actual GA aircraft from cessna ( an American company ).

Aircraft: C172
Route: KPNE 4003N/7502W DEALE 3850N/7654W JANIV KDCA
Time of Departure : 1900Z
Server : Expert
Flight Details : FL105
About 1:20h of flight
100knots of cruise speed

Thanks for read!



Hello this is a great idea however it should be in the #live:groupflights tomorrow as it’s too close to be an event.


Hey! I would recommend making a Groupflight. Check out this topic for all the rules. Sounds like a great flight!

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Btw, babacar may i post this at any channel on AFKLM?

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Yes you can.

Folks no need to flag me for off-topic because I am just answering his questions Okay? Flagging me won’t change anything in your life thanks.


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