4JUL20 / 2300Z: Classic Independence Day Flyout @KSAN, KSFO, & KLAX

Independence Day @ KSAN, KSFO, & KLAX

Welcome to the IFSC Closing Convention! Oh, wait, isn’t July 4th also U.S. Independence Day? Additionally, I thought @reer104 & @Pajd02 were planning a KLAX event. Well, let’s celebrate all three reasons with a three airport event!

What better than covering the classic Californian region? Home to Infinite Flight, the state of California holds several major airports. For this event, we’ll be flying out of San Diego, Los Angeles, & San Francisco.

Statement Regarding Current Events

We are sorry for any inconvenience that happens with us celebrating the reasons above during a very difficult time in the United States. Our hearts are with the people who are fighting for justice & after the events that have occurred over the past few days. We don’t promote violence.

NOTAMs & Details:

Respect every pilot regardless of who they are.
Responsibility for your actions whether up in the air or on the ground.
Restraint yourself to avoid accidents.

  • Please follow the three R’s of flying.
  • Please use Unicom/ATC respectfully.
  • Please act cautiously - we are not responsible for any violations/ghosts.


KSAN Departures: 2020-07-04T23:00:00Z
KSFO Departures: 2020-07-05T00:00:00Z
KLAX Departures: 2020-07-05T01:00:00Z

Server: Expert

KSAN Information & Chart

San Diego International Airport (IATA: SAN), (ICAO: KSAN), formerly known as Lindbergh Field , is an international airport 3 mi (4.8 km) northwest of Downtown San Diego, CA, United States. It is owned and operated by the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority.San Diego International Airport covers 663 acres (268 ha) of land.

Runways: 1 (RWY 9/27)

KSFO Information & Chart

San Francisco International Airport (IATA: SFO), (ICAO: KSFO) is an international airport near San Bruno and Millbrae in unincorporated San Mateo County. It is 13 miles (21 km) south of downtown San Francisco, California, It has flights to points throughout North America and is a major gateway to Europe and Asia.

Runways: 4 (10L/28R, 10R/28L, 1L/19R, 1R/19L)

KLAX Information & Chart

Los Angeles International Airport (IATA: LAX), (ICAO: KLAX), commonly referred to as LAX (with each of its letters pronounced individually), is the primary international airport serving Los Angeles and its surrounding metropolitan area.

Runways: 4 (6L/24R, 6R/24L, 7L/25R, 7R/25L)

KSAN Gates


KSAN Terminal 1 (16 Gates Remaining)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Name Notes
1-1A Southwest B738 KLAS (Las Vegas) @sstewartbw
1-1 Southwest B737 KDAL (Dallas-Love Field)
1-2 Southwest B737 KDEN (Denver)
1-3 Southwest B737 KSFO (San Francisco) @MJP_27
1-4 Southwest B738 KMDW (Chicago-Midway)
1-5 Southwest B738 KMCO (Orlando)
1-6 Southwest B738 KBNA (Nashville)
1-7 Southwest B738 KHOU (Houston)
1-8 Southwest B738 PHNL (Honolulu) @TheAirplaneBoy3520
1-9 Southwest B738 KMCI (Kansas City)
1-10 Southwest B738 KSTL (St. Louis)
1-11 Southwest B738 KSMF (Sacramento)
1-12 Southwest B738 KMSY (New Orleans)
1-13 Southwest B738 KSEA (Seattle)
1-14 Southwest B738 KSJC (San Jose) @AGSilver_04
1-15 Frontier A321 KDEN (Denver)
1-16A Frontier A320 KLAS (Las Vegas)
1-16B Frontier A320 KAUS (Austin)
1-17 Allegiant A320 KMFR (Medford) @Zach007
1-18 JetBlue A321 KJFK (New York-JFK)
1-20 JetBlue A321 KBOS (Boston) @Captain_T_Malone
KSAN Terminal 2 (24 Gates Remaining)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Name Notes
2-21 Alaska B739 KPDX (Portland)
2-22 Alaska A320 MMSD (Los Cabos)
2-23 Alaska B738 PHOG (Kahului)
2-24 Alaska A320 KSFO (San Francisco) @Alaska_airlines_987
2-25 Alaska B739 KSEA (Seattle)
2-26 Alaska B739 KMCO (Orlando)
2-27 Alaska B738 PHOG (Kahului)
2-28 Alaska B739 KBOS (Boston) @Alaska096
2-29 Alaska B739 KPDX (Portland)
2-30 American B752 KPHX (Phoenix)
2-31 American A321 KCLT (Charlotte)
2-32 American A321 KDFW (Dallas-Fort Worth)
2-33 American B738 KORD (Chicago O’Hare)
2-34 American CRJ-700 KLAX (Los Angeles)
2-35 American A321 KJFK (New York-JFK)
2-36 American A321 KPHL (Philadelphia)
2-37 American A321 KMIA (Miami)
2-38 Delta A321 KATL (Atlanta)
2-39 Delta A319 KSLC (Salt Lake City)
2-40 Delta B752 KJFK (New York-JFK)
2-41 Delta B739 KDTW (Detroit)
2-42 Delta B738 KSEA (Seattle)
2-43 United A320 KSFO (San Francisco) @ianfirepower
2-44 United B752 KEWR (Newark)
2-45 United B739 KIAD (Washington-Dulles)
2-46 United A320 KDEN (Denver)
2-47 JAL B789 RJAA (Tokyo-Narita)
2-48 Lufthansa A346 EDDF (Frankfurt) @Juli
2-50 Hawaiian B763 PHNL (Honolulu) @I-am-the-captain-now
2-51 British Airways B77W EGLL (London-Heathrow) @thenewpilot

KSFO Gates


KSFO Terminal 1 Concourse B (7 Gates Remaining)
Gates Airline Aircraft Destination Name Notes
B20 Southwest B737 KPHX (Phoenix) @Henning1
B21 Southwest B737 KLAX (Los Angeles) @Populeux_Music
B22 Southwest B738 KMDW (Chicago-Midway)
B23 Southwest B737 KLAX (Los Angeles) @Infinite_Pro
B24 Southwest B737 KONT (Ontario)
B25 Southwest B738 KDAL (Dallas-Love Field)
B26 Southwest B737 KLAS (Las Vegas)
B27 Southwest B738 KDEN (Denver)
B28 Southwest B738 KSAN (San Diego) @Riley_Bozina
B29 Southwest B738 KMKE (Milwaukee)
B30 Southwest B738 KSTL (St Louis)
KSFO Terminal 1 Concourse C (9 Gates Remaining)
Gates Airline Aircraft Destination Name Notes
C40 Delta B738 KLAX (Los Angeles)
C41 Delta A319 KSLC (Salt Lake City)
C42 Delta A321 KMSP (Minneapolis)
C43 Delta B739 KDTW (Detroit)
C44 Delta B738 KSEA (Seattle)
C45 Delta B738 KCVG (Cincinnati)
C46 Delta B738 KATL (Atlanta)
C47 Delta B752 KBOS (Boston)
C48 Delta B752 KJFK (New York)
KSFO Terminal 2 Concourse D (14 Gates Remaining)
Gate Airline Aircraft Route Name Notes
D50A Alaska A320 KSEA (Seattle)
D50B Alaska A320 KLAS (Las Vegas)
D51A Alaska A320 KPSP (Palm Springs)
D51B Alaska B739 KIAD (Washington-Dulles)
D52 Alaska B739 KMCO (Orlando)
D53 Alaska A320 KPDX (Portland)
D54A Alaska B739 KEWR (Newark)
D54B Alaska B739 PHOG (Kahului)
D55 American B738 KMIA (Miami)
D56A American B738 KORD (Chicago)
D56B American A321 KDFW (Dallas-Fort Worth)
D57 American A321 KPHL (Philadelphia) @WillmerSanchez
D58A American A320 KLAX (Los Angeles) @AGSilver_04
D58B American A321 KJFK (New York-JFK)
D59 American A321 KPHX (Phoenix)
KSFO Terminal 3 Concourse E (9 Gates Remaining)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Name Notes
E69 United (Skywest) E750 KONT (Ontario)
E68 United (Skywest) CRJ-200 KSMF (Sacramento)
E67 United (Skywest) CRJ-700 KMFR (Medford)
E66 United (Skywest) CRJ-200 KRNO (Reno)
E65 United (Skywest) E750 KBUR (Burbank)
E64 United (Skywest) CRJ-200 KRDM (Redmond)
E63 United (Skywest) CRJ-200 KOTH (North Bend) @The_Homeless_Dorito
E62 United (Skywest) CRJ-700 KSNA (Orange County)
E61 United (Skywest) E750 KSBA (Santa Barbara)
E60 United (Skywest) CRJ-200 KPSP (Palm Springs)
KSFO Terminal 3 Concourse F (8 Gates Remaining)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Name Notes
F70 United B772 KORD (Chicago) @GlobalFlyer1
F70A United E175 KDFW (Dallas-Fort Worth)
F71A United A319 KATL (Atlanta)
F71B United B757 KDEN (Denver)
F72 United A320 / B739 KLAX (Los Angeles) @Aaron_Markowitz
F73A United A320 CYVR (Vancouver) @Populeux_Music
F73 United A320 CYYZ (Toronto)
F74 United B738 KIAH (Houston) @Johhhn
F75 United B757 KEWR (Newark)
F76 United A320 / B738 KMIA (Miami)
F77A United E175 KMSP (Minneapolis)
F77B United B739 KMCO (Orlando)
F77C United B757 KBOS (Boston) @TranX Callsign: UVAL254
KSFO International Terminal Concourse A (12 Gates Remaining)
Gates Airline Aircraft Destination Name Notes
A01B Avianca A320 MSLP (San Salvador)
A02 Copa Airlines B738 MPTO (Panama City)
A04 El Al B78X LLBG (Tel Aviv)
A03 Emirates A380 OMDB (Dubai)
A05 Air France B77W LFPG (Paris)
A06 Finnair A359 EFHK (Helsinki)
A07 British Airways A380 EGLL (London)
A08 Iberia A359 LEBL (Barcelona)
A09 FrenchBee A359 NTAA (Papeete)
A10 Korean Air B772 RKSI (Seoul)
A11 Aer Lingus A359 EIDW (Dublin)
A12 Aeromexico B737 MMMX (Mexico City)
KSFO International Terminal Concourse G (14 Gates Remaining)
Gates Aircraft Destination Name Notes
G91 Air Canada Express CRJ9 CYVR(Vancouver)
G92 Swiss B77W LSZH (Zurich)
G93 Air New Zealand B77W NZAA (Auckland)
G94 United B789 VIDP (Delhi) @NathanD
G95 Asiana A359 RKSI (Seoul-Incheon)
G96 EVA Air B78X RCTP (Taipei)
G97 ANA B772 RJTT (Tokyo-Haneda)
G98 ANA B772 RJAA (Tokyo-Narita)
G99 United B789 RJBB (Osaka-Kansai)
G99A United A359 VHHH (Hong Kong) @Charrison
G99B United B789 EHAM (Amsterdam)
G100 SAS A359 EKCH (Copenhagen)
G101 Lufthansa B748 EDDF (Frankfurt)
G101A/B Lufthansa A359 EDDM (Munich)
G102 Singapore A359 WSSS (Singapore)
KSFO Cargo Gates (9 Gates Remaining)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Name Notes
50-01 B748F Cargolux KORD (Chicago)
50-02 B744 China Airlines RCTP (Taipei-Taoyuan)
50-03 B77F Korean Air Cargo RKSI (Seoul-Incheon)
50-04 B77F FedEx KMEM (Memphis)
50-05 B77F Southern Air KCVG (Cincinnati)
50-05B B77F Southern Air KLAX (Los Angeles)
50-06 B744 China Airlines Cargo PANC (Anchorage)
50-07 B748 Nippon Cargo RJAA (Tokyo-Narita)
50-08 B748 Nippon Cargo RJAA (Tokyo-Narita)
United Virtual Reserved Gates (& Overflow International Gates; 14 Gates Remaining)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Name Notes
Maintenance Apron North 41-23 United Virtual Reserved
Maintenance Apron North 02 United Virtual Reserved
Maintenance Apron North 41-22 United Virtual Reserved
Maintenance Apron North 41-21 United Virtual Reserved
Maintenance Apron North 41-19 United Virtual Reserved
Maintenance Apron North 03 United Virtual Reserved
Maintenance Apron North 04 United Virtual Reserved
Maintenance Apron North 05 United Virtual Reserved
Maintenance Apron North 06 United Virtual Reserved
Maintenance Apron North 41-08 United Virtual Reserved
Maintenance Apron North 41-09 JAL B772 RJTT (Tokyo-Haneda)
Maintenance Apron North 41-10 KLM B789 EHAM (Amsterdam)
Maintenance Apron North 41-15 Qantas B789 YSSY (Sydney)
Maintenance Apron North 41-16 Philippine Airlines B77W RPLL (Manila)

KLAX Gates


KLAX Terminal 1 (11 Gates Remaining)
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Name Notes
9 B738 Southwest KSMF (Sacramento)
11A B738 Southwest KSTL (St. Louis) @Udeme_Ekpo
11B B737 Southwest KAUS (Austin)
13 B738 Southwest KATL (Atlanta)
15 B737 Southwest KBWI (Baltimore)
17A B737 Southwest KDEN (Denver)
17B B737 Southwest KLAS (Las Vegas)
18B B737 Southwest KSFO (San Francisco)
18A B737 Southwest KMDW (Chicago-Midway)
16 B737 Southwest KOAK (Oakland) @KSS
14 B738 Southwest KHOU (Houston)
12B B737 Southwest KDAL (Dallas-Love Field)
12A B737 Southwest KTPA (Tampa)
KLAX Terminal 2 (6 Gates Remaining)
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Name Notes
21B A330 Delta EHAM (Amsterdam)
22 B772 Delta RJTT (Tokyo-Haneda) @ORD777flyer
23 A350 Aer Lingus EIDW (Dublin)
24A B789 Virgin Atlantic EGCC (Manchester)
25 B738 WestJet CYYZ (Toronto)
26 A346 Virgin Atlantic EGLL (London-Heathrow) @FloAviation
27 B737 Aeromexico MMMX (Mexico City)
28 B738 WestJet CYYC (Calgary)
KLAX Terminal 3 (5 Gates Remaining)
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Name Notes
30 B738 Delta KSMF (Sacramento)
31A B739 Delta KSTL (St. Louis)
31B B77W Virgin Australia YSSY (Sydney) @Fynlay_Davies
32 B752 Delta KATL (Atlanta)
33A B739 Delta KMSP (Minneapolis)
33B B752 Delta PHNL (Honolulu) @ILOVE7879-2.0
34 B772ER Delta YSSY (Sydney) @PilotCSG
35 B772ER Delta KDTW (Detroit) @_Smith
36 B738 Delta KBOS (Boston) @Drummer
37A B757 Delta KMCO (Orlando) @Armani_B
37B B738 Delta KBNA (Nashville)
38B B772ER Delta RJTT (Tokyo-Haneda) @MJP_27
39 B737 Delta KTPA (Tampa)
KLAX - Tom Bradley International Terminal (7 Gates Remaining)
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Name Notes
130 B748 Lufthansa EDDF (Frankfurt) @Raquis
130A B738 Copa MPTO (Panama City
131 B777 Cathay Pacific VHHH (Hong Kong)
132 A350 Asiana RKSI (Seoul)
133 A350 Finnair EFHK (Helsinki)
134 B772 ANA RJTT (Tokyo-Haneda) @Pingu
135 A359 Cathay Pacific VHHH (Hong Kong) @Infinite_Flight_Bra1
137 A350 Iberia LEMD (Madrid)
141 A319 Volaris MMMX (Mexico City)
148 A380 British Airways EGLL (London-Heathrow) @orangenaguit
150 A380 Qantas YSSY (Sydney) @Josh_Leszczynski
151 A320 Avianca SKBO (Bogota)
152 A380 Emirates OMDB (Dubai) @Austrian001
153 B773 Air New Zealand NZAA (Auckland) @Lamale99
154 B773 Etihad OMAA (Abu Dhabi) @CptCalvin437
155 A359 Finnair EFHK (Helsinki) @Zachary_Naponic
156 A380 Korean Air RKSI (Seoul) @Captain-787
157 A380 Air France LFPG (Paris-Charles De Gaulle) @KQA03
159 B789 Norwegian EGKK (London-Gatwick) @hopkindion
KLAX Terminal 4 (8 Gates Remaining)
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot’s Name
40 A321 American KDFW (Dallas-Fort Worth) @sstewartbw
41 B789 American PHNL (Honolulu) @Plexi_Playz
42A A321 American KCLT (Charlotte)
42B A320 American KORD (Chicago-O’ Hare)
43 B773 American EGLL (London-Heathrow)
45 A321 American PHNL (Honolulu)
46A B772 American KMIA (Miami) @CPT_HILD
46B A321 American KJFK (New York-JFK)
46C B752 American KPHL (Philadelphia)
47A B738 American KBNA (Nashville)
47B B738 American KIAD (Washington-Dulles) @GreatLeader
49A A320 American KPHX (Phoenix)
48B B773 American ZSPD (Shanghai)
48C B772 American KDFW (Dallas-Fort Worth) @Necky16
KLAX Terminal 5 (12 Gates Remaining)
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Name Notes
50A A321 Frontier KDEN (Denver)
50B A321 American KCLT (Charlotte)
51A A321 JetBlue KJFK (New York-JFK)
52A A320 Allegiant KCVG (Cincinnati)
52B A320 Spirit KDFW (Dallas-Fort Worth)
53 B763 Hawaiian PHNL (Honolulu)
54A B738 American KCMH (Columbus)
54B B789 American PHNL (Honolulu)
55 A321 Spirit KFLL (Fort Lauderdale)
56 B752 American KPHL (Philadelphia)
57 CRJ900 American Eagle KSAN (San Diego)
58 B772 American KMIA (Miami) @Tommy_Dean
59 CRJ700 American Eagle KSFO (San Francisco)
KLAX Terminal 6 (12 Gates Remaining)
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Name Notes
60 B739 Alaska KJFK (New York-JFK)
61 B773 Air Canada CYYZ (Toronto) @Pajd02
60 B738 Alaska KEWR (Newark)
63 A320 VIVA MMGL (Guadalajara)
64 B738 Alaska KDAL (Dallas-Love Field)
65A A320 Alaska KSFO (San Francisco)
65B A320 Alaska KSEA (Seattle)
66 A320 Alaska KLAS (Las Vegas)
67 B738 Alaska KORD (Chicago)
68A B789 Air Canada CYUL (Montreal)
68B B772 Air Canada CYVR (Vancouver)
69A A320 Allegiant KMEM (Memphis)
69B A320 Spirit KPIT (Pittsburgh)
KLAX Terminal 7 (11 Gates Remaining)
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Name Notes
70A B739 United KEWR (Newark)
70B B752 United KIAH (Houston)
71A B738 United KDEN (Denver) @VegasAviation
71B A320 United KORD (Chicago)
72 B78X United RJAA (Tokyo-Narita)
73 A320 United KSFO (San Francisco)
74 B789 United EGLL (London-Heathrow)
75A B752 United MMUN (Cancun)
75B B737 United PHNL (Honolulu)
76 B789 United ZSPD (Shanghai)
77 B772 United PGUM (Guam)
KLAX Terminal 8 (9 Gates Remaining)
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Name Notes
80 CRJ200 United Express KSAN (San Diego)
81 B739 United MMUN (Cancun)
82 CRJ700 United Express KPHX (Phoenix)
83 A320 United KCLE (Cleveland)
84 CRJ700 United Express KSEA (Seattle)
85 A320 United KMCO (Orlando)
86 B739 United KIAH (Houston)
87 CRJ700 United Express KSAT (San Antonio)
88 CRJ200 United Express KSMX (Santa Maria)
KLAX - The Box (7 Gates Remaining)
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Name Notes
52A CRJ200 American Eagle KTUS (Tucson)
52B CRJ700 American Eagle KSAT (San Antonio)
52C CRJ900 American Eagle KIAH (Houston)
52D CRJ900 American Eagle KDEN (Denver)
52E CRJ700 American Eagle KSLC (Salt Lake City)
52F CRJ700 American Eagle KTUL (Tulsa)
52G CRJ200 American Eagle KSFO (San Francisco)
52H CRJ200 American Eagle KSAN (San Diego) @AGSilver_04
KLAX Qantas Maintenance (Choose Qantas/Oneworld Flight; 6 Gates Remaining)
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Name Notes
01 - - -
02 - - -
03 - - -
04 - - -
05 - - -
06 - - -
KLAX FedEx Cargo Gates (13 Gates Remaining)
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Name Notes
01 B77F FedEx KEWR (Newark)
02 MD-11F FedEx KIAH (Houston)
03 MD-11F FedEx KDFW (Dallas)
04 DC-10F FedEx KORD (Chicago)
05 B77F FedEx KMEM (Memphis)
06 MD-11F FedEx KMEM (Memphis)
07 B77F FedEx PHNL (Honolulu)
08 DC-10F FedEx KIND (Indianapolis)
09 DC-10F FedEx KMIA (Miami)
10 B77F FedEx KMSP (Minneapolis)
11 B77F FedEx KPDX (Portland)
12A C208 FedEx KBUR (Burbank)
13 B77F FedEx KPHX (Phoenix)
KLAX West Remote Gates (Overflow for International Gates; 22 Gates Remaining)
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Name Notes
West Remote Gate 201 737BBJ Private KSEA (Seattle) @BadPlane Callsign: GAT004
West Remote Gate 202A
West Remote Gate 202B
West Remote Gate 202C
West Remote Gate 202D
West Remote Gate 202E
West Remote Gate 203
West Remote Gate 205A
West Remote Gate 205B
West Remote Gate 205C
West Remote Gate 206
West Remote Gate 207B
West Remote Gate 208
West Remote Gate 209
West Remote Gate 210 United Virtual Reserved
West Remote Gate 211 United Virtual Reserved
West Remote Gate 212 United Virtual Reserved
West Remote Gate 213 United Virtual Reserved
West Remote Gate 214 United Virtual Reserved
West Remote Gate 215 A359 Finnair EFHK (Helsinki)
West Remote Gate 216 B773 China Airlines RCTP (Taipei-Taoyuan) @United2
West Remote Gate 217 B78X EVA Air RCTP (Taipei-Taoyuan)
West Remote Gate 218 A359 Qatar Airways OTHH (Doha)
West Remote Gate 219 B773 Philippine Airlines RPLL (Manila)
KLAX Imperial Cargo Gates (Cargo + Overflow for International Gates; 8 Gates Remaining)
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Name Notes
Imperial 01 B772ER Austrian LOWW (Vienna)
Imperial 02 B773 Swiss LSZH (Zurich)
Imperial 03 B788 LOT Polish EPWA (Warsaw)
Imperial 04 B789 Air Tahiti Nui NTAA (Papeete)
Imperial 05 B772 JAL RJAA (Tokyo-Narita) @Zaid_Martines Callsign: JL61
Imperial 06 B748 AirBridgeCargo PANC (Anchorage)
Imperial 07 B748 Nippon Cargo RJAA (Tokyo-Narita) @HarryH1 Callsign: ANVA115
Imperial 08 B77F Emirates Skycargo OMDW (Dubai-Al Maktoum)
Imperial 09 B748 Cargolux LIMC (Milan-Malpensa)
Imperial 10 B772F China Southern Cargo ZGGG (Guangzhou)


Event Partners (Not IFSC Partners, event partners specifically)


United Virtual brings the Friendly Skies to the Infinite Skies! Our VA is here to provide a realistic route database and booking system to reflect United’s real-life operations! With Hubs in Denver, Houston, Newark, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington-Dulles, Los Angeles, and Guam, the entire world is truly at your fingertips! As for our community, with UVAL you can meet and fly with people from all over the world, all while being able to grow as a pilot and aviator through our training and classroom channels, to make sure all of our pilots are educated to the highest level possible. Everyone has a place in UVAL. Apply to United Virtual at http://www.unitedvirtualairlineif.com/HOMEPAGE/hnk/blog.html.

Come fly the Infinite Skies with United Virtual!

Explore Japan with one of the best VAs in the community! ANA Virtual Group brings in the Megapolis of Tokyo, the scenic Mount Fuji, and the cosmopolitan Osaka in addition to their wide range of airports to fly from in Japan!

Event Committee

San Diego International Airport (KSAN):

image@NathanD      image@ran

San Francisco International Airport (KSFO):

image @Populeux_Music

Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX):

image@reer104      image @Pajd02

Lead Pilots, Moderator & Graphics:

Moderators & Lead Pilots:

image@Drummer     image@Speedbird_286


image@cptlogue     image @United2



It’s at 2300Z, this means it starts at 7 PM ET.
There are two more waves, meaning the latest wave is at 9 PM ET.

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Oh I didn’t realize that. that’s why I deleted the post oops

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I will take this gate please!

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Sure @MJP_27, you’ll be signed up momentarily.

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I will take this one as well!

I’ll take a gate from San Francisco to Chicago, United 772.

Also just some side notes for SFO:
-Air France only flies the 772 or 77W to San Francisco, all A380 flights here from them have been canceled.
-Copa Airlines departs from the G concourse
-Lufthansa will fly a 748 to Frankfurt, not an A380
-SAS will be flying an A350 once service resumes, the A340 and A330 will become rare here
-American no longer departs Terminal 2, they have switched to the Harvey Milk Terminal
-American exclusively flies the A321 to New York, no A320s

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I’ll take this one please!

Oh, I was going to take that one… 😔

Can I have this gate at LAX please to Orlando, also is it possible to switch the B739 for the B757?


I will take this gate please!

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I’ll take SAN-MDW please!

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Actually do you think I can change that to a Delta 777-200ER to HND please

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Can I have this one please

@GlobalFlyer1, @Pingu, @Pajd02, @MJP_27, @Armani_B, @ORD777flyer, @Populeux_Music:

You all have been signed up!


Also, thank you for the side notes. We fixed as much as we could based on space issues.

Thank you very much.

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Yes please!

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I will take:

July 4th 7:00pm - KSAN (Terminal 1 Gate 1-1A) to KLAS in the B738


July 4th 9:00pm - KLAX (Terminal 40 Gate 40) to KDFW in the A321

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Sure @Infinite_Pro & @sstewartbw! You both have been signed up for your respective flights!