4DEC21 / 2100Z - Nellis AF Base Airshow Competition! Anyone Can Join! @KLSV

Alright, let me know if you change your mind.

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Anyone else wanna sing up before it’s to late. 5 spots remaining

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Do I have to sign up if I want to be a spectator?

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May i get gate 6 for performance ?

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Evening, Can’t access discord channel, could you send me link, or add me on discord and do it that way HercDriver206#3486

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Please give me your aircraft. And is this solo?

I’ll have to do it tomorrow. I’m not home Rn.

No worries 👍🏻

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F-16 and yes solo.


Hey, see if this works

G’day, could I take this gate for an USAF C-130J-30 display?