4DEC21 / 2100Z - Nellis AF Base Airshow Competition! Anyone Can Join! @KLSV

I can give you a one time 30 minute performance we’re you can switch between those planes in that time.

Anything not bigger than the A321

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Even though I’m the host I could join you for a small performance.

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@Ron_CB you have been signed up ✅

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For civil?

Yes, that doesn’t apply to military

I‘ll take the 30 minutes


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that would be awesome, tysm

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Actually, I’ll do a formation with you too.

Would it be possible for me to do 2 or so flybys, with a potential escort, in the 747 SCA?

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Ok, as long as you are on time with the time slot I give you

I’m wondering whether I should do a flyover.

Hi, I’d like to do formations with you! Am I still able to?

No, he only gets an exception because it’s a special flight

@Maverick_29 needs a partner. You could ask him.

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Maybe @EAviation, me and @30ar could do a formation?

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That sounds like a good idea


When you guys figure it out let me know and I’ll add you guys to the list.

I wasn’t given one?

The one I wIll give you

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