4DEC21 / 2100Z - Nellis AF Base Airshow Competition! Anyone Can Join! @KLSV

Nellis Air force Base Aerial Photo

Hello, you may have never seen this kind of event before so I’ll show you why it’s special. If you don’t know me, my name is Brody and I pulled off the First-Ever Airshow Event on Infinite Flight. That was over a year ago and nothing much has happened since then. So I have decided to post these kinds of events regularly. Airshows offer the people in the community a way to show off their pilot skills and acrobatics. So join the fun and sign up!

Some may include real prizes!

About Nellis Air force Base Airport

Located in Las Vegas Nellis AF Base serves as the cities only AF base and has the most squadrons out of any AF bases in the U.S. @Kamryn could probably tell you more…

Date & Time 2021-12-04T21:00:00Z

Where: KLSV
Server: Casual

  • Spawn in at the correct time (see gate info)
  • There will be no ATC
  • Please be ready before the event
  • On Casual Server (In order to do Aerobatics we will need to be on that server)
  • Follow all instructions given in order for this event to go well
  • If you are watching the Airshow you may not be in a plane bigger than A TBM


To sign up say your group amount 1-4, then request a time slot during 2100Z-2300Z. You can do aerobatics for up to 20min (this may change). Then say the aircraft that will be used and I will give your group gates and more information. Also, make sure your aircraft chosen can fit at a gate. For Aircraft in the show, the biggest plane permitted is the A321, you may also do anything smaller than that.

Aerobatic Groups that are signed up

See list
Group number Gate(s) Time Slot Pilot(s) in Group Plane(s) in group
1 Reverent 1 2100-2110 @30AR TBM
2 Transient 11 2110-2120 @StormyAviation F16
3 Transient 13 2120-2130 @Skyler.Cooper C130
4 Reverent 3 2130-2145 @Aviation_X F22
5 Reverent 5 2145-2210 @Carloslikesplanes23 C130
6 Transient 11 2210-2220 @nativetoalaska TBM
7 Transient8 2220-2235 @DeltaMD88Fan F16
8 Transient10 2235-2250 @JacobDiaz F22
9 Transient3 2250-2300 @Sueno43 F18
10 Transient12 2300-2310 @InfiniteFlightNewark F22
11 Transient15 2310-2325 @Colderco C17
12 Reverent8 2325-2335 @Jonathan_Tweedy C130
Halftime, 25min break
13 Transient14 2400-2415 @Dakotajake88 F22
14 Flyby 2415-2425 @Stick_theLanding 777F
15 Transient6 2425-2440 @Jay_Jay_King A10
16 Reverent 14 2440-2450 @EAviation A320
Last Revenant 15 2450-2500 @Brody_Swiatek A321

Reserve list

Will fill spots of those who don’t make it to the event.

@Daniel_Steinman N/A
@InfiniteFlightNewark N/A


If you would like to watch the air show you will be put in this list. You will be assigned a gate that you will stay at during the whole show.

See list
Gate Name
Row18/4 @Dr3ambigg3r
Row17/5 @AndrewGraham
Row16/4 @NBSYT
Row15/5 @Ron_CB
Row14/4 @NvAviator
Row13/5 @lhr_pilot
Row12/4 @United_25
Row 11/5 @BlueThunder08
Row 10/4 @TheNeoLeo
Row 9/5 @DarkspoulYT
Row 20/4 @Zach007
Row 19/5 @Vipon

There will be judges

Want to sponsor this event? DM me!

I recommend using a Console controller for the best aerobatics!



can anyone join to perform?


More information will be added shortly…


Hey mate,

Looks like a fun event that you have planned.

I’ve edited your title slightly to adhere the category rules found in the post linked below:

Wishing you a successful event. Take care mate!


This is going to be a fun event 🙏🏾


As much as I’m a huge airshow fan, I can’t participate since I don’t have a 1-year subscription(I don’t wanna pay for six-month subscription because it just not enough) and 1-year subscription is just not enough.

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Would you like to join? Get a team together? Or sign up as a spectator?

Definitely spectator for sure…would love
to support.

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I will sign up and will be doing the ex. GAF Tac Herc display.

We are available to perform at any time on the schedule. we will be bringing only SENDS to this show and will amaze spectators of all kinds


anyone wanna fly formations with me?
If so PM me (:


@Dr3ambigg3r you have been added ✅

@Skyler.Cooper could you please DM me all the people in your group preforming and aircraft.

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Thank you 😊

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I might be completely wrong, but is there any chance at l that this and the time in the title don’t match?

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I would like to sign up, I will be doing a C-17 demo.


Can I just be there to land my aircraft so the show can start? 👀 if not I could just spectate.

  • GAF0445.

I’d like to join as a spectator please


I wonder if we’re gonna have someone do a F-18 display of some sort, that would be amazing🔥🔥


Should I sign you up as a spectator?

Sure, I’ll get you a gate you can taxi to.

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