48:33 Non stop

Just landed from my flight 48 hours 33 minutes non stop. I think this puts me number 6 global for longest nonstop flight. Done all on casual server.


jeez louise xd
very ambitious

Wow, we haven’t seen you in a while lol… what an incredible achievement!

Wow… how on earth is that possible?!?
Well done though, that’s actually insane

how did you do that with only landing once? You would need to land to refuel.

I thought you can only edit fuel levels in-flight when flying solo.

I can only imagine how much storage this one flight took up… My guess is 7GB at least… 💀 But congrats on a 2+ day flight!


I did not land at all throughout the 48:33 I was airborne, it was on casual server I did not edit my fuel level. You need to think outside the box to fly almost 50 hours nonstop.

Dang! The only way I can see this happening is if you were flying a military plane with midair refueling capacity!

yea, my friedn did it in AF1, i recomended the KC-10 but he didnt listen

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You’d be surprised how long some aircraft fly if you just turn one or more engines off.

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There was in fact no mid-air refueling. Based on my flight, I have concluded that the A350 is much more fuel efficient when only using one engine.

What was your altitude, speed and load factor? Also did you take the help of the earth’s jet streams to increase efficiency?

Jet streams don’t help with this kind of flight, the goal is to reduce fuel burn not increase range.


Well, an aircraft would save fuel by riding the wind, wouldn’t it? That’s why I asked about it.

This is totally awesome 😎

No, wind just pushes the plane along. It increases your ground speed but does not change fuel burn. For example, if you go 500 knots with a 100 knot tailwind and your plane can fly for 10 hours, the plane with a tailwind is going to fly an extra 1000nm in the same 10 hours. However this doesn’t change the fact that you were still airborne for 10 hours. If you’re flying 48 hours, you’re not trying to get somewhere using less fuel, you’re just trying to use less fuel period.

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But that’s not the reason. The jet stream would ease the load of the engines since the aircraft would have to produce less thrust in order to maintain the same speed, compared to flying without wind. Which leads to less fuel burn.

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Airplanes don’t regulate speed like cars, this isn’t cruise control. When you set M 0.8 on your autopilot, that is an airspeed, not a ground speed. If I add a 10 knot tailwind, your ground speed goes up 10. Your airspeed does not go down 10, it stays constant. Therefore there is no load shift on the engines (go run a test in solo if you don’t believe me).


The load shift doesn’t happen due to change in airspeed, I’m aware that the airspeed stays constant. The actual reason for the fuel burn is reduced drag when an aircraft encounters tailwinds.