470 violations in one flight...

I started a flight from PHOG-KSFO. I set an alarm on my other device just in case I fell asleep. My alarm did not wake me up, and I woke up to 470 violations in one flight. I am very sad that it did not kick me out of the server. It just kept going… could someone please help me reduce those violations? It usually kicks you out the server when you reach a certain amount. Please, I hope you could understand me.

Hello, this is due to an issue with the app which has since been fixed with the hot fix, check your respective store now and install it. As for the violations they can be removed by a moderator.

A staff member can remove these violations for you. Please visit the app store that your device uses (App Store/Play Store) and download version 18.06.02.


Google play or the App Store.

Great! Thanks everyone!

Can anyone help me find a staff member that is active, so they could remove the violations?

Contact @schyllberg as he says he’s in the process of removing them for users.

He says its ok to tag him.

Thank you!