(45 Minutes!) [6 Attending!] The La Palma Landing Competition! @GCLA - 242100ZNOV19 // My First Event!

I can be a judge. I love landing comps.

I’m in

Will give u my details in a minute

Aw, rip. Good luck on your exams though! Also…

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Alright! I’ll DM you some info about it, you’re signed up!

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Hello, I would like to attend in the competition. Easy jet A320.

Alright! I’ll sign you up!

See you there!

Thanks man!

Yeah, no problem.

Still looking for more participants!

We need at least 6 participants. Please feel free to sign up!

Hey! Can I be a judge? Thanks, this sounds super fun to judge.

Sure! I’ll sign you up and pm you some basics

Hi, I’ll try to be there with an tigerair A319

British airways a321 please

just wondering what BOEING Liberty can i use?

Amazing!! I’ll sure go. I’ll use Vueling A320.

(One thing, it’s Las Palma, Palma is another city in spanin on another island, so I was confused)

Just write GCLA in the search bar at the map and it will take you to the right Airport

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Actually just realized there’s a third, La Palma. I’m Spanish and with 3 similar cities is sometimes confusing

I will be arriving with Ryanair boeing738
sign me in please

Yeah but if you dial those four letters in the search it will send you to the right Airport👍

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