[45 Attending] Istanbul Flyout by Turkish Virtual joined by ACVA, EYV, and SAVA @ LTFM - 251500ZMAY19


Instabul Airport B737

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Thanks @Expert_King557! But, where are you flying to? We depart from Istanbul Airport.

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Portugal Lisbon


Gate F8 B737-900, destination KLAX, Callsign:Blue One 453

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Gate F8 to Male on Turkish 77W

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@Nathen_Magana, you are all signed up at Gate F8! Are you sure that you want to use a 737-900 to fly all the way to KLAX? Let me know if you want to change that.

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@ItzAviaUk, you are all signed up at Gate F9! Gate F8 was taken just before you sent in your request so I moved you one over. Hope you enjoy the event!

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It won’t be a direct flight, I’ll will land to refuel.


@Nathen_Magana, it sounds like an interesting voyage! Hope it’s a lot of fun!

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Choose any gate for me! I will fly a B777-300 to OLBA :). My callsign will be Turkish 824

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You are all signed up @JoeHaddad!
| F13 (Heavy) | B77W | OLBA | @JoeHaddad | Turkish 824 |
Hope you enjoy the event!


Thank you! 🙏



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Can I have that last heavy gate? To ZBAA (Beijing) Turkish 773

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@Turkish-Virtual please and thankyou

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You are all signed up @Jack_Q at Gate F14!

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Please sign me up a gate for FAOR.
Callsign : SAVACOO
Aircraft : 777
Airline : Turkish
Flight : TK42

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Callsign: Turkish 1 (the irl flight number)
Destination: KJFK
Aircraft: B77W

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Gate f-15, B77W, SBGR, Turkish 15

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Can you please give me the shorter route from Istanbul that would get completed in around 1 hour…

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