(45 attending) (FINISHED) Let's fill Stockholm Arlanda! [Flyout] @ ESSA - 011600ZJUN19

I’ll take gate 65 please to Geneva

Great choice, the gate is yours!

No problem

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Bumping this

There are still gates left for you if you’d like one!

The event is less than a month, grab your gate now!

@virtualsas is now sponsoring this event!

Check them out below!
Pilots from SAS virtual will receive x3 flight time and miles!


I saw your message, did you change your mind or can you still attend?

Ah no i have accidentally deleted it I have thought it was an edit button

Ah alright, more specific information will come hopefully 1 day before the event. Thanks for signing up!

The event is less than a week away, there are a few gates left for you if you’d like one. If you want a route which isn’t on the list, let me know.

For those attending, information about weather, runways etc will come in a group PM next week.

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Hi! Can I get the last stand at Terminal 5? I’ll fly to EHAM with a KLM B737-700. Thanks!

Heyy, welcome to the community!
The last stand is yours. More information about the event will be in an event PM on friday hopefully.

You will also get a gate at a terminal if one gets available.


Edit: I’ve put you on Terminal 2 since klm operate there. Let me know if you still want a stand or not.

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On my callsign you can put SCVA011 since that is my SAS callsign:)

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Thanks! Terminal 2 gate 66 is perfect.
Since there is a other KLM1104, my callsign will be Dutchbird 4011.

roger that, see you at the event!

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Is it any way to give me a gate to Dubrovnik in Norwegian VA?

Terminal Gate ICAO Aircraft Airline
Terminal 2 Gate 67 ESSA-LDDU B737-800 Norwegian

Yeah of course, I’ll put you in T2

If a gate gets available in terminal 5. Would you like a gate there instead?

(Norwegian operates there IRL)


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If it’s not taken, I can take Stand F44 to EHAM
SAS A320
Callsign: Scandinavian 610

Can I get the last gate at terminal 2, if possible I’ll be flying Norwegian 787-9 to JFK

Yes sure! I’ll put you in Terminal 5 later this week if a spots gets available. If that’s fine :))

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