(45 attending) (FINISHED) Let's fill Stockholm Arlanda! [Flyout] @ ESSA - 011600ZJUN19

Stockholm Arlanda Flyout

Event information

Server: Expert

Airport: ESSA

Time: 2019-06-01T16:00:00Z or June 1st 1600z.

NOTAM: Please arrive atleast 10 minutes prior. You are responsible for your own fuel and flightplan!

Hello and welcome to my first event ever!
It was over 1 year ago since last Stockholm Arlanda flyout so I thought it was time for another one!

We will be flying out of my home airport Stockholm Arlanda. There are 4 terminals. Terminal 5 & 2 for international flights and terminal 4 & 3 for domestic. There are flights from Arlanda to America, Europe, Africa and Asia including domestic flights.

Since there’s a limited amount of gates, I couldn’t fit all routes. Let me know if you want a route that is not on the list. When assigning a gate, please provide your callsign.

More information about the event will be announced later on in a group chat. Hopefully 1 day prior. Thank you for checking out my event and I hope you can come. Please let me know if I have done anything wrong!




Airport Information

Stockholm Arlanda Airport (IATA: ARN , ICAO: ESSA ) is an international airport located in the Sigtuna Municipality of Sweden, near the town of Märsta, 37 kilometres (23 mi) north[2] of Stockholm and nearly 40 kilometres (25 mi) south-east of Uppsala. The airport is located within Stockholm County and the province of Uppland. It is the largest airport in Sweden and the third-largest airport in the Nordic countries. The airport is the major gateway to international air travel for large parts of Sweden. Arlanda Airport was used by close to 27 million passengers in 2017, with 21.2 million international passengers and 5.5 million domestic.[4]


⚬ Aeroflot

⚬ Air China

⚬ Air France

⚬ Air India

⚬ Austrian Airlines

⚬ British Airways

⚬ Air China

⚬ Emirates

⚬ Ethiopian Airlines

⚬ Finnair

⚬ Iberia


⚬ Lufthansa

⚬ Norwegian

⚬ Qatar Airways

⚬ SAS Scandinavian Airlines

⚬ Singapore Airlines

⚬ Swiss

⚬ TAP Portugal

⚬ Thai Airways

⚬ Turkish Airlines

⚬ Icelandair

Terminal 5 F-Pier (Full!)
Gates Airline & Aircraft Destination Attendant Callsign
F28 Air India 787-8 New Delhi (VIDP) @Siddhansh
F29 Norwegian 737-800 Sarajevo (LQSA) @Fr1k1n_Aviation
F31 Norwegian 737-800 Oslo (ENGM) @Abbasbeloved
F32 Emirates Boeing 777 Dubai (OMDB) @TaipeiGuru Emirates 158
F33 Norwegian 737-800 Sarajevo (LQSA) @JeromeJ
F35 Swiss A319 Zurich (LSZH) @CPTWilliam SIVA008
F36 SAS A330 Los Angeles (KLAX) @United_1154
F37 SAS 737-800 Beirut (OLBA) @JoeHaddad Scandinavian 2967
F39 Swiss A321 Zurich (LSZH) @TheSwissPilot Swiss 284
Terminal 5 Gate 1-10 (Full!)
Gates Airline & Aircraft Destination Attendant Callsign
Gate 1 SAS A320 Berlin (EDDT) @Isgrena Scandinavian 674
Gate 3 Lufthansa A320 Frankfurt (EDDF) @quinny
Gate 4 Qatar Airways 787 Doha (OTHH) @Alan_S Qatari 168
Gate 5 Austrian A321 Vienna (LOWW) @Captain_Adri
Gate 6 SAS 737-800 Innsbruck (LOWI) @MarkusEngedal
Gate 7 SAS A330 Los Angeles (KLAX) @QFA_12
Gate 8 Thai Airways 787-8 Bangkok (VTBS) @samdog27
Gate 9 SAS CRJ-900 Trondheim (ENVA) @Linox
Gate 10 TAP Portugal A320 Lisbon (LPPT) @A350iscool
Terminal 5 Gate 11-20 (Full!)
Gates Airline & Aircraft Destination Attendant Callsign
Gate 11 Icelandair 757-200 Reykjavik (BIKF) @Sashaz55
Gate 12 SAS 737-700 Tromsø (ENTC) @Jens_Severin SCVA011
Gate 13 SAS CRJ-900 Hamburg (EDDH) @kaibroadbentt
Gate 14 SAS CRJ-900 Billund (EKBI) @FINNWINGS
Gate 15 Norwegian 737-800 Sarajevo (LQSA) @JeromeJ
Gate 16 Norwegian 787-9 Fort Lauderdale (KFLL) @NathanD
Gate 17 Norwegian 737-800 Las Palmas, Gran Canaria (GCLP) @Pilot_Waters Nor Shuttle 5903
Gate 18 Air China 787-9 (no A330 livery in IF) Beijing (ZBAA) @QFA_12
Gate 19 Ethiopian 787-8 Addis Ababa (HAAB) @JIA_345
Gate 20 SAS A320 Copenhagen (EKCH) @Aviation-21
Terminal 5 Stands (Full!)

Gate for these flights are subject to change

Stands Airline & Aircraft Destination Attendant Callsign
Stand F40 Turkish Airlines 737-900 Istanbul (LTFM) @bomrno
Stand F42 Aeroflot 737-900 Moscow (UUEE) @Captin_Dan Aeroflot 831
Stand F44 SAS A320 Amsterdam (EHAM) @travelingcornstalk
(Reserved) Stand G149 SAS B737-800 Dublin (EIDW) @Kuba_Jaroszczyk
Terminal 2 (Full!)
Gates Airline & Aircraft Destination Attendant Callsign
Gate 61 British Airways A321 London Heathrow (EGLL) @joshua_morrissette Speedbird 316
Gate 62 Iberia A321 Madrid (LEMD) @Logan_Lee Iberia 3315
Gate 63 Finnair A321 Helsinki (EFHK) @Yasu Finnair 290
Gate 64 Air France A320 Paris (LFPG) @MikeyFinn09 Air France 1563
Gate 65 Easyjet A320 Geneva (LSGG) @Adam_Goodman
Gate 66 KLM 737-700 Amsterdam (EHAM) @IFC_Flying_Dutchman Dutchbird 4011
Gate 67 Norwegian 737-800 Dubrovnik (LDDU) @Pilot_Dan1
Gate 68 KLM 737-900 Amsterdam (EHAM) @Boris_Huang KLM1104
Gate 69 Qatar B787 Doha (OTHH) @GlobalFlyer1

Terminal 4 (8 gates left)
Gates Airline & Aircraft Destination Attendant Callsign
Gate 31 SAS 737-800 Gothenburg (ESGG) @Matthew_20204
Gate 32 SAS Airbus A320 Malmö (ESMS) @Mike_Lima_Tango
Gate 33 SAS A320 Sundsvall (ESNN) @Captain_Awerty
Gate 34 SAS 737-800 Ängelholm/Helsingborg (ESTA) @Norshuttle909
Gate 35 SAS CRJ-900 Visby (ESSV)
Gate 36 SAS A320 Umeå (ESNU) @Captain_JR
Gate 37 SAS 737-700 Umeå (ESNU)
Gate 38 Norwegian 737-800 Kiruna (ESNQ) @axeand
Gate 39 SAS 737-700 Luleå (ESPA)
Gate 40 SAS CRJ-900 Ronneby (ESDF)
Gate 40 Norwegian 737-800 Gothenburg (ESGG)
Gate 41 SAS 737-700 Skellefteå (ESNS)
Gate 42 SAS Q400 Generic Kalmar (ESMQ)
Gate 43 SAS 737-700 Åre Östersund (ESNZ) @hugo_wallin Scandinavian 940
Gate 44 SAS Q400 Generic Örnsköldsvik (ESNO)
Terminal 3

Domestic and GA

Gates Airline & Aircraft Destination Attendant Callsign
Gate 52
Gate 53
Gate 54
Gate 55
Gate 56
Gate 57
Gate 58
Gate 59
Gate 60

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Gate 63 please, Callsign: Finnair 290

damnit it don’t have grade 3, i wish to fly with you guys, but the event starts at 1. June , i possibly coule make it up to grade 3

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Done, see you there!

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It’s still over a month left, At that time you may be at grade 3. Who knows? ;)

yeah, who knows?

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Sign me up with SAS ;)

Also may I use the Airbus A320 for this route, please?

Of course, you have been assigned. See you there!

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I’ll take gate 31 to Gothenburg

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Thank you for coming, can’t wait to see you there!

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I’ll take TAP air a320 to Lisbon please!

Iʼll take this gate, please

@Captain_Awerty @Mike_Lima_Tango You’re both assigned, see you there! :D

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Wait, what time does it start again?


Make sure to arrive atleast 10 minutes prior. You are responsible for your own fuel and flightplan, forgot to state it.

I kind of want to fly regional, explore sweden. Can I swap to:

Also: could I change the aircraft to an SAS a320?

Sure, no problem!

Thanks so much! So SAS a320 to Malmö it is.

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Can I have Gate F29 SAS A320 to Copenhagen please?

You’re assigned , see you there!

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