43 Years of Mirage in Argentina

I went to my local aviation museum in Buenos Aires this past Sunday. I took over 700 photos, and I wanted to show you guys these four. They’re four different Mirages, used by the Fuerza Aérea Argentina during their role as airspace defenders.

First is Mirage IIIEA I-011 with a commemorative empennage scheme for the 43 years of operational service of the Mirage weapon system in the FAA.

Second is Mirage IIIDA I-002, also painted in a special scheme for the 43 years of service. I-002 is the second Mirage received new by the FAA in 1972.

Third is an Israeli IAI Dagger, numbered C-432 and flown by Captain Norberto Dimeglio during Malvinas. This aircraft was recently restored and repainted.

Last but not least is Mirage IIICJ C-712, wearing a desert scheme to camouflage the aircraft over the surrounding terrain of Mendoza.


What a stunning livery! 🤩


Is blue your favorite color Banndo?

RIP your storage

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Still have 27.5 GB, more than enough for planespotting during my holidays.

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