43,000 in a TBM?

Just got bored so I flew a TBM out of CYTZ without a flight plan. Decided to just go as high as I can and ended up hitting 43,000 in a TBM. Just wondering how high you all have gotten in ba plane because I was flying higher than the trans Atlantic flights.

Flight was on the expert server

Took off runway 08 at CYTZ looped around the airspace until I got to 20,000 then just flew east.

I was flying during the night (current time setting) but the outside screenshot I changed it to noon so you could see the altitude clearly


Great photos! And great views from FL430.

However, you posted in #screenshots-and-videos category, that means you have to follow some rules of the category.

To post in this category, there should be no sidebars and toolbars and no HUD in the photos. I suggest going into replays and doing an ingame screenshot next time.

I’ll leave you with the rules of the category below.

Great photos and keep it up!

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Ahhh ok I didn’t know I used it to show altitude thanks