[41 attending!] The Motor City Flyout! - @ KDTW -021800ZMAR19 [Partnered with Delta Virtual, Spirit Virtual]


@Oli5 British airways don’t have service from Detroit;) also virgin Atlantic unfortunately stopped service to Detroit as well so only delta flys to EGLL from Detroit 😉


Sorry for the late reply, you have been added, see you there.


@Luke_Sta My callsign has changed from ASVA022 to ASVA013. If you could update it, that’d be great! Thank you :)


Roger that, it has been updated!


Thanks Luke!


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D22 please :)


D22 is now yours :)


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Sorry @Luke_Sta I have to withdraw from this event. I am doing an around the world trip which will take a while.


Oh ok, thanks for the heads up.


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Sign up for this! You don’t want to miss It!


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Can I have D6 to KDEN (United A320)?
Callsign - TC763


Sure! D6 is yours. See you there!


Can I take Ga1 in a a321 to kmco as American059


2 problems:
1. Unrealistic Route (for that specific airline)
2. A general aviation stand cannot hold an A321 or any commercial aircraft for that matter

With that being said, please choose a legitimate gate with a legitimate aircraft. Thank you


I’ll take Gate A54 to LFPG, please! (DLVA1258)