4000 Landings - Thank You Community!

Well, well, well…

A day I thought would never come… A day I thought would be impossible to reach, yet I find myself after over 2 years of having a constant subscription at this stage, a stage I thought with or in my circumstance without a life would be deemed unimaginable. 4000 Landings! Holy cow that’s a big number…

Before I get into the screenshots of this memorable event I just want to thank a few people, people in the community that have really stood out to me and I wouldn’t be here without:

  • I would like to start off with @iidvdii who I was inspired by with my celebratory landing. You are amazing more than 20,000 hrs in the sky, truly awesome, truly unbelievable. I try everyday to get one step closer but those stats just keep rocketing higher and higher, thank you my friend for being my inspiration, giving me that kick to takeoff…

  • Secondly, @Marc (sorry for the tag) my favourite moderator (not that the rest aren’t great) your funny replies to people, your willingness to help people out is the reason you made this list, keep it up. Now… get back to petting a dog…

  • @Jeno_Farkas in the little time I have been at IFAE you have been a real inspiration for me… One of the kindest people I have ever met so I would like to thank you for everything. N121WS to The Wolf peace out ✌️

  • @Trio a huge inspiration in the ATC sector, you are so knowledgeable and your willingness to always help out with questions or inquiries is really really fantastic so thank you, it means a lot.

  • Every single one of my friends on the community, every person I interact and chat to on a daily basics: @IF787 @Anthony_Morgan @Ecoops123 @USA_ATC @Suhas @Canadian_Aviator @TheAviationGallery @Ondrej @ThomasR (and so so so many more whose names could not be in this list because it would stretch to the moon) thank you this community is so special and its all thanks to you I really do appreciate it.

  • And finally every single one of you community members you all keep this forum alive, you all spark my love for aviation and remind me every single day why I come here. Thank you and I am looking forward to the many years ahead.

Now without out further ado into the photos, ladies and gentlemen, my greasy landing!








Thanks you so so so much for looking at my photos all truly means a lot however…


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Once again thank you for making such a wonderful community to enjoy, the IFC is truly something special!

Peace out and safe landings ✌️

I have definitely missed people out above, I am sorry if I did there are so many great people on this community it is impossible to keep count. Thank you for all the great memories all and to may more!


sick photo’s congrats on 4k landings!

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Thank you very much! The Kuwait livery is just so amazing! To another 4000 ✌️

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Great shots! Congrats on 4000 landings!

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Congrats on 4,000 landings, that’s amazing! And great photos too!

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Great photos and congrats on 4K! Now you have to get to 5K


I cannot believe my name is inside lol

Thank you so much @Captain_Cign, it has been quite a ride within my short journey in IFC. Looking forward to more landings and maybe I’ll serve you on the 5000th landing? Hahahaha

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Congrats on 4k! Loved the 7th pic of the B77W taking off!

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Thank you so so much for the kind words all! 5K is definitely the next goal and after that halfway to 10K 👀. @Anthony_Morgan who knows with your talent in the tower you might be my radar controller by then 😉

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Congrats on 4K, Cign :)


Thanks bud! Next: 5K 😉


Nice job my friend, I am really proud of you.


Accept my congratulations on this huge number, and I hope you will reach the highest levels.


And thanks for these most wonderful pictures of the blue bird.

I wish you more progress and prosperity.




Thank you! Your dedication and achievement in this sim is truly astonishing and one day my aim is to reach that 13M XP that you not so long ago had! Appreciate it ✌️


You can dear and you will do that .
I remember when i make 5 million XP in 14 months .
If I can do it you will do the same .


Just wanted to thank everyone again I just reached 25 likes (e.g: my first Good Topic) and most liked #screenshots-and-videos post, glad you all liked the photos!


4000 landings is very impressive and a huge milestone to reach. Great dedication and work you’ve done to get to where you are today. Amazingly done I must say, Cign!

Hope to see keeping landing safely as that landing count keeps growing in number ✌🏼


Good job bro 👍


Congratulations bro, A great achievement.


Wow nice job




@Captain_JR thank you means a lot! I would not have been able to do half of these 4000 landings without the help of the community with fun flyouts, events and keeping my love for aviation alive! Its interesting to see that as I have been flying my landings have significantly improved to even get my lowest ever of -2fpm. Appreciate it!

@ALHARBI thank you ✌️

@AviatorFares ehhh not compared to you guys at KAC, its tiny compared to your amazing hours, landings and XP! Appreciate the kind words!


Thanks for the kind words and all the emojis! Blue skies and tailwinds bud!