[40 Attenders] San Diego New Year! @ KSAN - 051725ZJAN19


I will have to see if your gate can fit an Md-11 otherwise I have to change your gate, and yes it’s on a saturday


ok i dont care the gate it is


Can I change to A320 plz


Can I change to A 738 to Lax American


Sorry for the late reply, changing it now! @BadJokes101 and @Swiftlings_17


I’ve added 2 United Gates =D


I’ll take gate 02 to KLAX in the Southwest 737-700 in a bit to be released livery they teased about


The 737 update is 100% to come before this event, they said that it will be before 2019


I know, I just don’t know what new liverys are being added so I can’t tell you which new SW one ill be in yet


Hopefully they add some awesome 737 SW liveries


Yes! Florida One and Arizona One would greatly be appreciated by me


May I have gate 43?


Of course! Have fun


Is the new update coming this week
And is it 737 MAX


We don’t know when it will be released, but it’s garenteed before 2019, and no 737-MAX is coming but many new liveries


Can I be added to gate 02 with Illinois One?


If You Are Going to be a Special Livery, tell me what Livery you will be :)


Illinois One


I will change to Desert Gold please


Ill take gate 48