[40 Attenders] San Diego New Year! @ KSAN - 051725ZJAN19


Man if we had that eidlweiss a330😫👌


I will try to be ATC, but if San Diego isn’t in the schedule I can fly KSAN-FMMI (Madagasker). I know it’s not an estalabished(?) route but otherwise the time doesn’t work for me. I will be flying with the 789 then


Maybe I’ll crash because of too less fuel but that’s okay😂


Gate 43 please.
Also switch the aircraft to a 738 as well


Can I get a gate plz


Please ask the gate number, and aircraft/ route :)

@Delta319 Adding you now!

@Olliebolliegamer Do You IFATC? This is on Expert


KSAN to KSFO and back,gate 27 or 29 if possible


Also 737-800 American


Yes I have expert


Hello, can I take Cargo Ramp Gate 6? KSAN-KSDF (UPS 757)



Sure thing :)


This will decide if we want to contact everyone through PM or the actual topic

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ill take the Alaska 738 to PDX please!


Can I have a change to Southwest 737-700 to LAX


Sure, don’t forget to check your gate


@ItsBlitz if you don’t mind, for the sake of Realism™ can you please chage my gate to gate 49? thank you!


I’ve done it :)


Just to let you know @ItsBlitz I will come in from Denver :)


Can I fly MD-11 American to Las Vegas
Sorry if I change


Is this on a Saturday