[40 Attenders] San Diego New Year! @ KSAN - 051725ZJAN19


Evening sir. I’ll be representing for SouthWest Virtual.
May I please request Gate: 03 to KOAK
Aircraft: B737
Callsign: SWA81
Thank you.

[12 Attending][Landed!] Tahoe Beautiful! @ KRNO - 241845ZNOV18

I will take this gate. Could I be in the Shamu livery?


@Luke_Sta and @Playr_Mar , I’ll put you guys in!


Thanks! Would it be OK if I was in the shamu Livery? (Just put a “Shamu” title next to my name) :)


Hi, can i take gate 44 please


Just Bumping Boys


Can i get gate 50 Delta E170 to KLAS


I’d like gate 18 please!


@Matthew_20204 nd @Jonesrox55

See you both there!


Can I get:
Gate: Any Alaska Airlines gate
Route: SAN-HNL
Aircraft: 737-800
Callsign: Alaska 895


Sure thing!


I will have to cancel, sorry…


Alright, notify me if you want to rejoim


Can I please change my route. Can you make Gate 27 to KCLT with the A321?


Can you put me at any gate, not international?


@TheTyGuy426 / I put you for gate 26 to KLAS in the American 737-800 :)

@hallum21 Changed!


Uhh, put me in any Southwest gate, but I’m thinking of either taking an 737/738 over to Vegas, considering I’ve flown both on that route.

Also btw, JetBlue only operates the A321 on their SAN-JFK route, so maybe change that second SAN-JFK to SAN-FLL


can I have a UPS 757 to LAX


Actually, Ill do a commuter ramp USAF 757 to LAX


Alright, I’ll put you in and @BadJokes101 to