[40 Attenders] San Diego New Year! @ KSAN - 051725ZJAN19


Gate 51 please!


Could you make a SAN-DTW flight? Maybe Delta 737-900ER?


Sure thing! @Haifan_Day and @SirMarkieMark

Oh yeah, Haifa, do you want that gate?


Just FYI, you forgot the United gates


Ah that would be perfect. I just flew that route last week lol


I couldn’t find the United Gate’s Terminals, I’ll edit it


I will be flying out that morning from San Diego headed back home to Tampa on Southwest. I lived there for 10 years.


This event looks really good! Count me in! Gate 46 to MMMX


Omg, this is embarrassing, but I was thinking of December 5th. Okay, just keep me there, I’m pretty sure I can make it.


Can I have gate 39 ksan to katl??


@hallum21 @EchoMikeIndia and @maeyo

Alright, I’ll add you guys in!


I think I’ll be able to come. I’ll come in a Southwest B738 callsign Southwest 5294.

You know where I want to go :)


Sure thing!


Thanks but you could you also switch the plane as well? I’ll be in a B738, not B737


Also, one quick fix:

Southwest does not have nonstop KSAN-KSMD. :)

Maybe change it to KSMF :D


My bad, my fingers were greasy from KFC XD


I’ll take gate 6 KSAN-KSAT-KBWI


I’ll give you a cookie if you nail the departure


Can I have Gate 28 for the AA 737-8 to KJFK?
I hope it has wingflex by then!


Sure thing!