[40 Attendees] Huge Las Vegas Fly-Out @ KLAS - 201800ZJAN19

Oh well, I just said what it said there :)

Put me down for gate C23 - Southwest 737/8 to KMKE(I’ll decide which plane to use on the day of the event)

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Gate D51 please

Of course! Thank you!

Gate D8 for KORD please.

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Okay, you’re in!

I’d like to change my gate please.
I’d like to instead represent for American Airlines Virtual American Virtual // Glad To Be Apart Of The Community Again

May I have the above gate instead. Thank you. 👍🏿

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I’ll take gate A12 please

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Ok, you guys are in! Have a happy holiday.

Can I change my gate to C12, but instead of going to KCMH, may I go to KOAK?

Sure! Adding you in now

D52 pls thx

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Ok you are in!

I just wanted to let you know for gate B36, Delta only flies the B712 and E170 to SJC from LAS for realism if anyone takes that gate!

Requesting terminal 3 gate E1 thanks!

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Can I have gate B6

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Sure! You are in!

Put me down for this Gate, Thanks :)

…Although I didn’t know Korean flew 747 to Las Vegas?

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Ah, meant to put the 777. You’re in!

Long live KPOP!

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True Dat, and Thanks! See you at the event :)