[40 Attendees] Huge Las Vegas Fly-Out @ KLAS - 201800ZJAN19



McCarran International Airport is located in the beautiful state of Nevada. Located in the heart and soul of Nevada, you will be amazed by the beautiful mountains. If you have the correct route, maybe you’ll even see the Grand Canyon!

Important Information.

Date & Time: Sunday, 2019-01-20T18:00:00Z

Server: Expert

Airport: KLAS // Las Vegas, NV


This is a Flyout type of event, meaning we do not fly an established route. For this event, you will pick a gate with an assigned route. The assigned gate will have this information: Route, Aircraft & Airline.


  • You will need to get your own flight plan and fuel. Check #tutorials on help with fuel planning.

  • To request a gate, just reply with what gate you would like.

If you would like to request a route that is not listed, let me know and I will add it. It needs to be a real route out of KLAS.

Gate Assigments.

Terminal 1 (A Gates, B Gates, & C Gates)

A Gates
Gate Pilot Destination & Aircraft
A3: KOMA / Allegiant A320-200
A8: @esant_15 KGRI / Allegiant A320-200
A10: KIND / Allegiant A320-200
A11: KTYS / Allegiant A320-200
A12: @Matthew_20204 KTUL / Allegiant A320-200
A14: KSCK / Allegiant A320-200
A15: KELP / Alleigiant A320-200
A17: KCVG / Alleigiant A320-200
A18: KBIL / Alleigiant A320-200
A19: KFAT / Alleigiant A320-200
A20: KGRI / Alleigiant A320-200
A21: KIND / Alleigiant A320-200
A22: KBLI / Alleigiant A320-200
A33: KTYS / Allegiant A320-200
B Gates
Gate Pilot Destination & Aircraft
B6: @BadPlane KAUS / Allegiant A320-200
B9: KDSM / Allegiant A320-200
B10: KABQ / Southwest B737-700/800
B11: KMDW / Southwest B737-700/800
B12: @Legomaniac KDAL / Southwest B737-700/800
B14: @Kate_Russell KAMA / Southwest B737-700/800
B15: @anon42527263 KBUF / Southwest B737-700/800
B17: KELP / Southwest B737-700/800
B19: KHOU / Southwest B737-700/800
B20: KIAH / Spirt A321-200
B21: KMCI / Spirit A321-200
B22: KDFW / Spirit A321-200
B23: KORD / Spirit A321-200
B24: @Vakster13 KOAK / Spirit A321-200
B25: KCMH / Spirit A321-200
C Gates
Gate Pilot Destination & Aircraft
C1: KCMH / Southwest B737-700/800
C2: KPIT / Southwest B737-700/800
C3: @GlobalFlyer1 KSJC / Southwest B737-700/800
C4: @Kamryn KBNA / Southwest B737-700/800
C5: @Luke_Sta KDEN / Southwest B737-700/800
C7: @Plane-Train-TV KBOI / Southwest B737-700/800
C8: @JeromeJ KBWI / Southwest B737-700/800
C9: @BigBert10 KSJC / Southwest B737-700/800
C11: @Plnelovr KIND / Southwest B737-700/800
C12: @ClarenceTheAvgeek KOAK / Southwest B737-700/800
C14: @Kevinsoto1502 KLIT / Southwest B737-700/800
C16: KLBG / Southwest B737-700/800
C19: KRDU / Southwest B737-700/800
C21: @Cargo KBUR / Southwest B737-700/800
C22: KSDF / Southwest B737-700/800
C23: @Shadow87645 KMKE / Southwest B737-700/800

Terminal 3 (D Gates & E Gates)

D Gates (T1 and T3)
Gate Pilot Destination & Aircraft
D5: @Benjwri KLAX / American A321-200
D8: @Dylan_T KPHX / American A321-200
D9: @CameronH21 KDFW / American B737-800
D10: @Playr_Mar KDFW / American A320-200
D11: @EverettM KJFK / American B737-800
D12: KMIA / American B737-800
D14: KPHL / American A321-200
D16: @BlueAcidball KSFO / Frontier A321-200
D17: KCOS / Frontier A320-200
D18: KBNA / Frontier A321-200
D19: KORF / Frontier A321-200
D20: KRDU / Frontier A321-200
D21: KGEG / Frontier A320-200
D22: KSTL / Frontier A321-200
D23: CYYZ / Air Canada A321-200
D24: CYUL / Air Canada A321-200
D25: CYYC / Air Canada A321-200
D32: KLAX / Delta CRJ-700
D33: KSEA / Delta B737-800/900
D34: @Delta319 KBOS / Delta 737-800/900
D36: KSJC / Delta A319-100
D38: @TenMileJones KSEA / Delta B737-800/900
D39: KCVG / Delta B737-800/900
D40: @Dart KSLC / Delta A321-200
D42: KMSP / Delta B737-800/900
D43: @Dylan_M KJFK / Delta B737-800/900
D50: @epicnick918 KSLC / Delta B737-800/900
D51: @Jack_H KORD / United B737-800/900
D52: @samoyed1 KLAX / United B737-800/900
D53: @Sebastian9915 KDEN / United A320-200
D54: @Playr_Mar KIAH / United B737-800/900
D55: @AviationJack KDEN / United B737-700/800
D56: KSFO / United A320-200
D57: KIAD / United B737-800/900
D58: @Matt02 KDCA / United B737-800/900
D59: @Jay757 PHNL / Hawaiian B767-300
E Gates
Gate Pilot Destination & Aircraft
E1: @Khalil_Rammal EGKK / Nowregian or Virgin Atlantic B787-900
E2: @Captain_JR RKSI / Korean Air (Generic) B777-300
E3: @Dubya EGKK / British Airways B777-200ER
E4: @KingWings EGLL / British Airways B747-400
E5: MMGL / volaris A320-200
E6: CYEG / WestJet B737-700
E7: MMMX / volaris A320-200
E8: KLGB / jetBlue A320
E9: @ouzi KFLL / jetBlue A321-200
E10: KBOS / jetBlue A321-200
E11: CYYC / WestJet B737-700
E12: @savavalentin86 KLAX / Alaska Airlines A320-200
E13: @VAnuj KPDX / Alaska Airlines B737-800/900

Extra Info.

  • On departure day, information like takeoff runways and departure procedures will be announced.

  • Please spawn 10-15 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

  • Please only pushback when the aircraft behind you has already pushed back. Be courteous.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me below, or send me a PM (Private Message). I’ll see you in Las Vegas!

@ Sivardius


C7 please!

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I would join but unfortunately I’m already participating in a fly out that also starts 1800z 19th of January

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I’ve changed the date to the 20th so it doesn’t collide with the other event.

C5 for me! Will do KSNA-KPHX-KLAS-KDEN!
737-700 “Canyon Blue” Livery Please!

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Then I’m in xD I’ll take D38 to KSEA in the 739 please!

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You’ve all been put in, thanks for signing up! :)


Gate D16 please!

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C14 to lit please

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Y’all are in! Thanks :)

You are SOO welcome

Can I have a Southwest gate to San Jose please

Southwest 4127
Boeing 737-700

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Can I have gate A8 to KGRI?

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If you don’t mind me, I’d like to change this to KBOS and a 737-800. Thanks!

Grand canyon is in Arizona :)

Ill take a spot though! Gate E3 please!

I’d like Gate D50 to KSLC please.

I’d like D53 to KDEN pls

lol im stupid

you all are in! thanks!


Gate E4 Please!

Callsign: SpeedBird 356

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I’ll take this gate.

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