4 years of MULTIPLAYER-Celebration @ LGAV - 221500ZSEP18

Server: Training

Airport: LGAV

Time: 15:00Z; 17:00CET; 8.00AMPDT, 22.09.2018

NOTAM: This is an Event to celebrate 4 years of IF Multiplayer. I would like thank the FDS for their amazing work. Come out in any Livery and Aircraft and do some fun greek island hoping. No sign up needed

Aircraft: Any
Livery: Any
Theme: Greek island hoping

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The event title is a bit off, and you should add details like gates and a good paragraph about the event. Details! The title should be something like 4 Years of Multiplayer Celebration Event @ LGAV - 221430ZSEP18

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Ah rip you beat me :)


I’m normally down for island hopping but can’t make it today I’m afraid

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Aww ok don‘t worry about it ;)

I’m coming down to do ATC at LGAV!

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Awesome thanks! Event starts in 10min ;)

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