4 years at IFC

Hey all good everyone,

Hey deaf, I’m AJ Johnson, I joined on June 7, 2020, for almost 4 years very long time to continue forward.

My topic was featured many times and my favorite was McDonnell Douglas (Tri-Jet) for support should be reworked but I’m out of votes very sad, is a DC-10 so sometimes MD-11 almost I love there the simulation game and have fun in the app IF. Is very awesome! I am not much oftentimes the game narrowbody is a Boeing 737 or 757 ever anyone.

I appreciate the communication with them in the comments on another topic IFC. Be friendly and respectful at all that year.

Please more any questions?

Happy Flying, AJ Johnson!


Happy 4 years😤

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Yo happy 4 years

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Congrats! Hope to see you around for another 4 :)

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Happy 4 Years - here’s to many more!

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Happy cake day. :) 🎉

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Happy 4 year anniversary sir! 🎂

Love the MD-11, always requires concentration on final approach 😁

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Happy 4 years

me chillin at 5 months

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