4 wings on landing

When I land or when I’m on short final my plane has a glitch where i have 4 wings (2 on each side) and once i’ve arrived at my gate it goes back to normal. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

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It help prevent wing flex on landing.

Have you tried restarting your app?

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There’s no need to worry - this is purely a visual bug and it does not affect your aircraft’s performance in any way. The gist of it is, 2 sets of wings are rendered - one with wingflex and one without. Changing the camera to another one, then back to Normal should get rid of it.

As for when this will be fixed for good, that is unknown at this time, but the team is aware of issue and are doing their best to eliminate it as soon as possible.


Ok thanks for your help
Happy new year!

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