4 Weeks flying in IF

HI all. It’s 4 Weeks today that I got IF and I have to say I take my hat of to the developers for a great sim.
I started with buying the London region a few days after I downloaded the app as I am from the UK. My first plane was the a321 and I chose aer lingus for my flights, the reason was that the a321 was free to use.I did not want to spend money on aircraft till I was sure that I was going to get into the sim.
My first few fights were free play to get used the it. Man I found it hard to land without most of the time my front wheels ending up in the concrete but bit by bit I got better. I did get the a319 as it had appr for auto landing and I must say I used it a few times but was missing out on improving my landings so ended up not using the appr. I do love the a319 and find that I have been flying it most days with ba livery. I can land it a lot better now and have found myself using the cockpit view with Hud more and more. I have also last week joined baifva. This is my first va and I can not believe how fast the time goes when flying. I am now in PG and really love the atc aspect and seeing other people flying around. I have seen a few posts that put PG down and I have to say that I respect all the atc controller and find the game would not be the same without them as for the silly people on PG if we just use our report buttons it would sort them out very fast it only takes 3 reports for them to be gone to let the rest of us to enjoy the sim. I have not tried advanced yet and I’m sure I will try it but just need to get a bit better before I give it a go. The one down side for me in advanced is that there are less people flying on it and I do like the relisam of more people at airports.
I am loving it so much that yesterday I brought live plus and now I’m looking forward to flying different airports around the world. My question to you all would be what has been the best and worst experience in the last 4 Weeks flying in IF? Thanks to all and happy flying. Richard


My best experience is being able to play this great sim.
My worst experience was when I got rammed by an A380 in my little Cessna.


See you on the advanced server soon. Brings IF to a whole new level!


Hey man! We love that fact that you love IF! It’s the game that is only going to get better and better and is the closest to the real world as your going to get for a flight sim! Join the advanced server and that will bring realism to the next level! Like misha said


Best: 20 minutes of SAN Tower & Ground with all users following instructions (Playground, 2 weeks ago).
Worst: Terribly hard landing in calm winds at JFK after being vectored irrialistically for 13L (Advanced, the other day).


Best: An ATC sesh I did at EDDL. So much traffic.
Worst: The other day at KISP (@MishaCamp)


Best: Every flight on Advanced.
Worst: Every controlling session on Playground.


Best: Great service by advanced ATC today in Hawai
Worst: Having to go before I could land at the IFAU opening.

Best : Flying with tons of traffic
Worst : PG ATC didn’t listen to you

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Best: ifau opening event
Worst: a380 at khhr

And we love having you in BA, I’ve seen you flying numerous times, at least we are finally getting some traffic at London PG.

Happy flying

Best:Somehow landing an A380 softly in solo with 60 knots of crosswind
Worst: having to pay for live and live+

How did you get 60 kts? The max is 49kts I thought.

Gusts can exceed that.

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Yeah they can.

Best: Flying formation flights
Worst: The PG ATC not knowing what to do, this is a common theme

Oh my goodness laugh flood!

Do you like flying formation flights with me? @Robertdiaz123
Back on topic!
Good: @Tyler_Shelton 's IFATC group
Bad: Some PG ATC

@Pilot8 of course

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