4 violations in 1 minute for high speed?

Well the people have been saying that it’s excessive. I’m not the only one saying that

Sharply pulling up the yoke can do wonders in slowing down the speed within a few seconds, even without extended spoilers. Try it next time, if you can handle the passenger lawsuits that is…


I only go -600 or -1200 fpm while de-cending. make sure to slow down prior to decent.

How are many of the pilots on here able to monitor their screens when they engage in almost relentless sleep flying for long hauls…so either pay attention or face detention !!!


These violation calculations have been a very effective way to keep the expert server professional, and for the most part, troll free. There have been many iterations in an attempt to make this the case. If you fall outside of the parameters, it’s probably time to practice, figure out what went wrong, and come back soon, a better pilot! We have a huge number of people that don’t have an issue with the violation parameters.



@jasonrosewell… MaxSez: Spoken like the true company rep and defender of the castle you’ve always been Jason. Your faith in the infaulabitity of the hierarchy is commendable. Appears there some desention in the collective membership. Time to listen my old friend not defend. A 7 day loss of access for a single infraction is not a learning experience, it’s tyranny!
Up the will of the people. G’day

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I’m sorry, I didn’t understand any of that rhetoric. But I wouldn’t defend them so much if I had as many problems with them as you… so I guess you’re right about that.

See you in Vegas! ❤️


Sorry, but I feel like the “company reps” are taking a lot of unecessary heat here, so coming from just a “member”: their points are valid. There is a reaction time between violations, and all it takes is as soon as that yellow or red dialogue box comes up: throttle 0, flight spoilers deployed, flaps down, manual altitude control (pitch up). Quick reflexes and quick thinking will prevent racking up a ton of violations. But, better to not have to worry about violations in the first place. Also, if you would only get one violation per event, someone could easily just overspeed the whole time, and ignore the one measly violation they would recieve. Not trying to start a fight here, just adding to the conversation.

You have 20 seconds from the time you get the orange warning to the time you recieve a violation. If you are paying attention, this gives you plenty of time to deploy the spoilers, reduce thrust, and pitch up to lose some speed. After the 20 seconds if you are still overspeeding, you will recieve a single violation.

After the first violation, if you are still overspeeding 20 seconds later, you will recieve a second violation. If you ignore that and are still overspeeding, you will get another violation 20 seconds later. This process repeats. After 6 violations, you are awarded one “system ghost” and will be reflected in your stats.

To be a grade 3 and have access to the expert server, you cannot have more than 2 violations. So lets pretend you are flying and you get 3 violations. That means you recieved a warning followed by three alerts. Ultimately this means that you have had 59 seconds of warnings and messages to slow down before getting your third violation that lowers your grade.

  • 0:00 Warning
  • 0:20 Violation
  • 0:40 Violation
  • 0:60 Violation

One minute is a long time while flying to not be paying attention. I think the standards for the violations are ok in this situation.

For those of you who get violations and are kicked out the training server, you cannot have more than 5 violations. This means that you racked up at least 6 before losing access.

  • 0:00 Warning
  • 0:20 Violation
  • 0:40 Violation
  • 1:00 Violation
  • 1:20 Violation
  • 1:40 Violation
  • 2:00 Violation

You spent two whole minutes with the alerts going off. This is a long time even for the training server. If you do not want to pay attention to what you are doing, the casual server is the place for you.

It doesnt matter if you were crusing, on auto pilot, had to take a phone call, sleeping, or eating dinner. You are responsible for your aircraft at all times. Period. Just pay attention during the critical phases of your flight.

Yes there are other requirements for server access, I am only focusing on the violation aspect


Very nice breakdown. That is what we all needed to see. I think I agree with everything said. Some people might still think that getting that many violations in 1 minute is a lot, but on expert server I think you should be at a level where you’re expected to at least be able to correct your performance. Live and learn boys!


If it were me controlling expert, you’d be given a warning, a violation, and a kick. Everyone should be paying attention especially on expert. If we want to keep the realism, it has to be done!

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lets not forget that this is a video game, and its called “the training server” for a reason… it should be 30 seconds then a warning and a minute later the violation and 1 violation for every minute you are above 250 below 10,000

Excellent presentation…thou learned MOD… the only problem being is that if one is sleep flying they would have no way of ever reacting in time to avoid the first violation… unless their IF flight was also part of their dream or maybe nightmare !!!

Thats why you go to sleep once you are at cruising altitude. Also you ensure that your auto pilot speed is set well below the limitations.


Well, now I learned how speed violations are given and when after the warnings and intervals.

Now that a mod has presented a thorough explanation of how speed violations work, would it be possible to explain in either general or technical terms how exactly an acrobatic violation is awarded? I’ve only received 1 and have been in similar if not worse unstable conditions since, but I haven’t yet been able to identify the exact moment that a violation occurs.

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why do not you do a tutorial written in pdf format with all the rules of the flight? would be for us riders of simulator essential and free from criticism! thank you all

Ive had the same when flying the 747-400, the autopilot wouldnt let me reduce my climb rate which caused it to stall and drop like a stone, thus inducing 3 violations before i could recover from the dive. Quite frustrating when it drops you from a level 4 to 3 due to violation count.

@Chris_S. And the Great Unwashed… MaxSez: Excellant overview of the Overspeed programming Chris;
Granted if your in cockpit view in cruise and inattentive to the warning horn and screen warning grafic and you fail or are slow in recognizing the problem in the seconds available and don’t react in a timely fashion you get bit with repetitive violations for a single system or Pilot Error no matter your rationale. In my case as noted in my comment above I was out of the cockpit assending to cruise with a correctly set autopilot. I was iin Map/Chart making changes to my flight plan and scanning the radar plot. The Overspeed warnings are not displayed in Map/Chart and the warning horn on assending violations does not sound just the text in cockpit view. So there’s the rub. Long Haul, inattention, leaving the game unattended ect are not an issue. The Overspeed problem has been recognized by membership. The second guessing and critical comments on Pilots performence are not helpful and indicate a failure to critically understand the stated anomaly. This is a programming problem identified by subscribers repeatately. that need to be reviewed by the the Developers and responded to by HQ Staff. The airmanship suggestions & criticisms are distraction from the main issue, unhelpful, redundant and unwelcome.

Partially true. If you enable ”Helper messages”, it is displayed.

What problem are you referring too? We have recognized that there is an issue with the “Overspeed alert” causing it to get stuck at times. But, we have barely seen any cases where it caused violations. And i have invested quite a lot of time investigating this before. I have so far seen 1-2 cases where violations have occured due to this error, and those have not been 100% confirmed to be actual errors.