4 violations in 1 minute for high speed?

Lol, no max, I ain’t dead. I thought it was funny. Just curious as to which issue you had struggled with for years haha.

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@Joe… Had to read the responce twice to get it. Well done ya got me.
Guilty as charged in my youth, but I found a cure.


Suggest the Kuma Sutra If you ever have a similar problem at your age


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@Maxmustang. Last of a dying breed brother! Lol.

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I mean if you get a warning at 270 knots then bail out but if it’s 255 knots you can get it down in time.

This is quite a lot of words spent on “why didn’t you just level off?” Or “why don’t you slow down before 10001 feet?” Or “were you sucked forward in time through a wormhole which stole that time from you and that’s why you weren’t given enough time from cruise to 10000 to bleed off speed?”


Many people are missing the point of this thread. I think we all understand what we did wrong. I didn’t need someone to tell me to “level off.” I made a mistake and expected to get a violation for it. Instead, I got 6.

The question is why is it necessary to be hit with multiple violations for a single event? In the case of the OP, 4 violations in 1 minute seems like too many. In my case, 6 violations in 2 minutes also seems crazy. No one has even been able to answer how often speeding violations are issued, and to me it seems inconsistent and excessive.


Although I agree that it is too much, one for one event sounds a bit crazy too. If that were the case, every time a Grade 3 flew on IF, they could conceivably overspeed for the entire flight, as long as they flew less that the max number of violations.

Good point. Can’t argue with that at all. Maybe there is a happy medium like 1 per 5 minutes or something in that range.

It is necessary for two very important reasons. You have the option to deploy spoilers and raise the nose of the plane to slow down. You also have the option to constantly monitor your flight as you descend. There is no reason it takes that 2 minutes to go from even 300 knots to 250 knots even in a 747, I ran an experiment with that and it took less than 30 seconds if you deploy spoilers and raise the nose to a positive pitch. If you can not slow down you get hit with violations. When I got my six violations I totally deserved them, it was my fault entirely as I didn’t pay attention to my descent and made no real attempt to slow down. Lesson learned.

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I know going back to grade one seems harsh but I see as a reminder to monitor the flight. In real life pilots are constantly monitoring their systems and the aircraft to make sure everything is working properly. In this simulator we must do the same. We made the option to fly and so we must take responsibility for that flight.


this needs to be fixed cause it is ridiculous it feels like every 5 secs that you are getting a violations

@Kate_Russell MaxSez: Seems to me Kate you missed the point of this topic and comment thread. No one is griping about their Overspeed Pilot Errors. The trust of the post is the overkill punishment for a single occurrence.

I appreciate your 4 seperate stated opinion herein, your attention to detail and airmanship suggestions, well done.

However as far as I’m concerned your comment are misplaced herein and off Topic. Perhaps you should draft a Topic expounding your opinion on what “we” should do to hone our abilities and champion the attention to detail aspects of flight. Regards & G’evening

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I am sorry but I do not agree with you. The pilots are making sure that everything is working properly by constantly monitoring the screens because in the end it is a matter of life and death in the game if we crash we will not die . So I think that it is an overkill if you get 4 violations in one minute which I think needs to be fixed


There is really no grace period also no one has mentioned the length between violations. there if you overspeed (especially if you are descending) you could rack up alot of violations because there is no audio. Inplus having 4 violation seems excessive for one minute in one scenario

I just had a similar experience that locked me out of expert for a week. Perhaps the violation time intervals can be extended some?

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There is, both in time and speed.

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According to the community there is not. So…

Try yourself and you’ll notice there is :)


yes Climbing there is plenty of time because lower the power you will go slower but descending no there is not and Like I said a lot of the people that have commented would agree with me. So… maybe extend the time

It has nothing to do with wether you’re climbing or not.

And if you’re descending it doesn’t take a lot of time to correct. I’ve been in this situation too, and have been able to avoid violations during a descent going 270+ kts lower than 10.000ft.