4 violations in 1 minute for high speed?

I was not given time to extract the spoilers I took four violations in 1 minute, just one minute …


I’ve been wondering about this too. I got 6 violations in 2 minutes, before I could get my speed down.

Seems like one event should be one violation. Can you imagine getting pulled over for speeding and getting six tickets because you were over the speed limit for 2 minutes??



During a critical phase like descent, you are required to monitor your flight. If speed starts to increase, deploy spoilers and raise the nose. There’s a very generous grace period until violations starts to count up if you are aware of what’s happening.



Sounds interesting. Best thing to try to do is to extend spoilers and slow down at 12000ft, and if that doesn’t work, extend flaps by 1 degree, or maybe even break off approach for a bit, especially if you are in a towered region.

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In my case, I had an issue at 12,000 ft that caused my plane to descend rapidly. I was fully aware of what was happening and was trying to save my flight. Ended up crashing anyway. The 6 violations were just salt on the wound. No question it was my fault, and I can accept the consequences, but my question is how often are violations issued when you’re over 250 below 10,000?

One violation per speeding event makes the most sense to me, and 6 in 2 minutes just seems excessive.



thank you but rest puzzled for the time available to me … 1 minute is very little …

MaxSez: I can identify with this IF Overspeed Violation anomaly. There like bad dreams, off times there uncontrollable. I’ve been plagued by them for years. I’ve got a few hours and miles under my belt, Unfortunately I’m back to Grade 1 for the next week due to a autopilot kick out. This occasion is just another case of IF tough love which serves no useful purpose. In my case an autopilot failure on assent to cruise again was the culprit A one day downer for this repetitive autopilot failure is acceptable, 7 day loss of privilege is overkill. Stuff happens but the algorithm for this anomaly needs a relook. The Warning Horn volume needs a tweak, volume increase, and 1 Violation downer for the occurrence serves it purpose. Rather than lip service by the powers that be the comments hear speak volumes. A relook and adjustment to the underlying procedure/system is repetitively evident. Suggest the power review the decision process on the overspeed procedure, an adjustment is warranted.


Note: On assent to cruise at 080/240k… unrecoverable speed increase, Crash. In Chart/Map believe authpilot failed.


Launch the 16s! He is not responsive and heading toward the deck at over 500 knots! Lmao. Feels


I know it can be annoying and really frustrating, I have ran into the same issue. Honestly though I feel that it is a pretty fair rule. And sometimes if I am weary of what’s going to happen, I’ll switch to casual server. But I’m definately planning my descents and approaches better since my first few violations. Sometimes it has to hurt you to make you better.

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Which one plagued you for years 👀😬


@Joe… Beside you (power that be) the Overspeed Procedure. (As for the composition Segway Style in written communications I have no excuse, just and old military writer that expect the reader to extrapolate)
. (Thanks for chiming in Joe, have not heard from you for years, though you where dead). Luke Warm Regards


@David_Driggers. MaxSez: Hurt LOL! Just gives me the opportunity to rebuild landing count. What the hay, it’s just a game. Regards Dave.


This is worth discussing. It would be nice if one mistake equaled one violation. But I’m not sure how they could write the code to separate the different situations. I wish I could set different audio volumes to more than just SFX and ATC maybe separate out the engine sound so I could turn the volume down on that and have it set high for the warning horns.

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Just leaving this here… Shameless plug…


Keep control of your plane, spoilers and gradual descent.
Know you must be below 250 knots below 10,000 feet.
Monitor your descent all the way through
In my opinion the back to grade one is fair. It happened to me around two months ago and now I am much more careful about monitoring my descent.
If you can not get your plane to slow down then exit your flight.


By exit the flight you mean give 3 short rings on the alarm bell and bail out right? Lol

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explain yourself better … thanks

@David_Driggers… who lov’s ya baby! I can see the scramble for an explanation now. Ya gotta put up with the “Great Unwashed” such is an Aviators life. LOL

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If you choose to sleep fly or not continuously monitor your flight on any other server but casual… you deserve what you get…case closed !!!

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1 Minute is to less to extract the Spoilers? What are you flying? A concrete block? It takes less than 3 seconds to raise the spoilers :D