4 Simple Shots

Hello and welcome to this #screenshots-and-videos topic. In this post I will be presenting you with 4 simple photos that I took during a flight that I did with @Naz the @AerLingusVA CEO. Here are the details:

Flight Details

Aircraft: Aer Lingus A320
Callsign: EIVA126
Flight Time: Around 55 Mins
Scenery: 7/10

Well now that you know all of those details, let’s move onto the photos.

Our first photo takes us to EIDW where myself and Naz are just after pushing back and readying ourselves for our departure to the Scottish city of Aberdeen.

Our second photo in this mini collection is of me in the old livery A320 lining up on Runway 28L and Naz is the new livery A320 holding short. This is my favourite because of the lighting on Naz’s aircraft.

Now onto the third photo and this frames Naz’s perfect parking in the very tight stands in Aberdeen so well done.

Just before our final shot, here is a little question for all of you

What year was Aer Lingus founded?
  • 1929
  • 1932
  • 1936
  • 1941

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Now onto our final shot of this flight. It is simply a moonshot, it is one of my first so tips would be greatly appreciated.

This landing definitely want my finest one but here is the report anyway because I’m a nice person

IF-O Report

If anyone was truly inspired by my photos and really wants to join EIVA, here is their thread for you to marvel at.

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Thank you for visiting and happy new year! bit late I know


Very nice well done!


Great moonshot!! I absolutely love it (Are you sure that is your first moonshot?). From me, I have no tips on how to make it better

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It is not a simple shot. It is an amazing shot

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Nice shots ! Y’all are lucky to have the old and new livery unlike others, it offers way more options.

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Thanks and yes it was my first one

Thank you!

Thank you and yes we are very lucky

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