4 pilot glitch.

Hi, this is a glitch I have noticed that is affecting GA aircraft. In the ‘pilot’ or ‘first officer’ sections in the weight and balance can be fitted with 2 people. This is affecting aircraft up to even the most recent TBM. See attached pictures:
image image image

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In therory, you could have a 300+ pound pilot. So the weight is all good but I do see what you are talking about…

Maybe they have a kid sitting in their lap? 🤷🏼‍♂️


Yeah, but I don’t think that’s FAA standards.

An easy fix probably but I don’t even think this is worth the time.

All bug fixes are worth time for developers!


There’s no FAA standard on this, most GA aircraft probably have a max seat weight, where behind that the seat might give out at higher load factors.

As said above, maybe there are two people in a seat, maybe it’s a clown car, maybe it’s a really heavy person with a good sense of humor. IMO there are more important things to focus on.


Yea I see that it says 2 passengers for the first officer. Once it exceeds a certain weight it counts as two people and so on depending on your selection. Just a minor bug 😉

IF probably has a predetermined weight with 1 passenger. Once that weight exceeds, it becomes 2 passengers. But seriously, 1 passenger weighing over 135kg? That’s not logical.


YA, that’s almost 300 pounds.

looks like an overweighted pilots

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Not overweight, obese.

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