4-lense PAPI lights

Good day everyone!

I am here after some thinking on making this feature request from this thread:

Why do we need this?

So, the request is rather simple. Incorporate a 4-lense PAPi light system in IF. Now, you might be thinking; “But BC, this won’t help or make a difference at all!”

Well, not really.

Having. 4-Lense PAPI would make it easier for us to determine our height on the glide slope on approach. Using the 4-light system, we are Able to see 3-red and 1-white, which tells us we are a bit below the glideslope, but with the current 2-lense PAPi we are not able to see this.

Here’s a picture with the differences with the APAPI (what we have in IF) and the PAPI (What I’m requesting)


Thanks, and I hope you vote!

I thought they already had them at a lot of airports?


Not really, I don’t think we have them at all! I’ve never seen them which is why I’m requesting this.


Now this is a feature that I would really like in-game! I will put out a vote for this!


Really?! Shows how much attention I pay, aha.


. Voted…

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Thanks for voting @TRDubh and @Scandanavian54super!


No problem! Would love to see it in IF!

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I’ve got to look for a vote to remove for this
Edit: ooh, I forgot I have more votes now, voted!
This is needed especially now that GPS approaches have no vertical guidance anymore

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YES, Papi lights are a definite vote. It’s more easier to understand your approach positioning.

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Thanks for voting everyone!

Edit: Oh @Marc thanks for the vote! 😅


I could’ve sworn we had that already. Opened multiple airports and had to realize full of disbelief that it’s not there 🤣


Holy snokes! (Star Wars reference 😏) 11 votes in an hour?! Thanks for your support guys!


Make it 12 in just over an hour. 😏

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Sorry I don’t have any votes left :(

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With APPR going insane, I do definitely have to use the PAPI lights to fly manually. I agree that it would definitely help to have four lens being used properly so that we can make minor accurate adjustments, you have my vote.

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Yes I agree!

All edited airports are equipped with the correct lighting system (4L-PAPI, 2L-PAPI, VASI). Just up to the developers to render the other types since all of them show up as 2L-PAPI by default.


Oh, didn’t know that! Thanks for the info, hopefully after seeing this the devs will render the 4L PAPI!

Voted ;) great feature request

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