4 Hour Controller, not active on live.

Hello all,

I’m experiencing a Bug. This controller has been controlling for 4 hours and isn’t active on live. Can you please help me! Screen shots are below!

I’ve tried re installing - not working
And also turning my device off - not working

Device: Apple iPhone 5S & iOS 8

I think he gets disconnected if someone sends a request and he doesn’t respond in 180 seconds he gets disconnected. so ask him for push back 3 times and wait he’ll get disconnected.

But he isn’t on the screen. It only appears with a Tower and Unicom.


ohh i just noticed that… in this situation i don’t know what to tell you lol

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I need a Moderator, when I posted this @Swang007 was on, but I think he’s offline now.

just ignore him and taxi there’s not much you can do in this situation haha

I will, but I am just waiting to see what the Moderators/Developers say.

yeah but its going to take a awhile since they are probably asleep so you might as well ignore this and it will be resolved later

He’s still there.


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its prob a glitch and not actually a person on ground just ignore it and fly man!!!

Check it out for yourself, therefore I’m not the only one that has the bug. ATC Playground.

I cant now its 2:30 am for me and im finishing up an essay… but ill take your word for it

Alright, I’ll see what the moderators can do. For the time being, I’m going to avoid KNUC as he is ruining it for me.

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The server probably has some issues, this happened in the Advanced Server once :)

Lets wait for Matt to refresh the server!


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Thanks @dush19 for that handy information! :)

he is still on! 7 hours!

10 hours now.

I just checked. He has been on for 13 hours.

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He’s breaking employment law and health and safety law. Someone should tip-off FAA.