4 Freaking Years. Wow

Happy anniversary @AviationFreak! @AvaitionFreak
Glad to be one of your friends and to help you on this journey! Here’s to 4 more years!

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Me and my 4 months chilling.


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well done on the 4 years.

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What tag?! 😇

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Damn, 4 years is pretty impressive. My 4 years comes up in April too.

Next target for you is 1000 days 😉

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Congratulations on 4 years @AviationFreak and thanks for the mention!


Yeah it’s been a while! Thanks!

Thanks so much!

Thanks so much! It’s a very long time

Yes 2017 seems so short ago, yet it was so long. Thanks!

Thank you so much! You too

It does! Congrats in 2 years, halfway there! Thanks so much, look forward too!


It does. 4 years really snuck up on me!

Yes it was very long. IF has come so far, when I joined global wasn’t even out yet! To another 4!!

Yep! To many more!

Thanks so much! Thanks for being a fun friend to fly with!

42 months to go! Thanks!

Thanks a bunch

Thanks! Happy early 4th. Here’s to 1000 days!!

Thanks so much! No problem!


That took me like 5 minutes to write


When I said thanks for the tag in my original post, I said thank you to you in the form of saying it’s an honor to be considered a friend.

The post you quoted was me talking to @tjb0709 because I got a notification that he tagged me.


Oops. Thanks 😅

Awww thanks alot!

Nice getting to know you this year! Thanks for being a great friend!

Good title pun too :)

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Congratulations @AviationFreak 4 years!
You are a great person to hang around

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Congratulations my friend! 4 years is a lot!

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Its my birthday too!!!

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Happy birthday @CHUNGUSflys, make it awesome! 🥳

Thank you @ButterBoi!!

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Congrats @AviationFreak!

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That was no pun intended actually and didn’t realize I did that until you pointed it out

Thanks you too!

Thanks so much!

Thanks bread roll!


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