4 Flights in 1 Week with Lufthansa

In the last 2 weeks, I flew 4 flights with Lufthansa within the time span of a week.

Now almost 2 weeks ago, I flew from Munich (EDDM) my home airport to Hamburg (EDDH) in order to participate in the first stages of the assessment center to become a German ATC. Long story short, after 3 days I passed and was one of the few who passed. Here are some shots of the flight there and back. The highlight of the flights was actually the airports as I flew from Europe’s best-rated airport Munich to Europe’s best-rated regional airport Hamburg and vice versa.

First up, some terminal spotting in Munich:

A CRJ in the little parking bay on the back of T2

An Etihad B789 and an EgyptAir B737-800

An A350-900 by Lufthansa

Showing off my abstract artful photo skills ^^ Only pros will understand

En-route to Hamburg

The Eurowings Europa Park Special Livery parked in HAM (saw it on my return flight as well)

Before pushing back on the return flight I saw an Emirates B77W in the Year of the 50th livery

Night-time departure out of HAM (sorry for the quality)

One week later I flew to an assessment center by Lufthansa for dual studies in Aviation Management. I funnily departed on LH’s first flight from Munich on that day and arrived with the last the same day ^^ Just two shots from FRA because I was too tired on the return flight

Luckily I just got word, that I actually passed the first 3 rounds of the ATC assessment center, so I will be heading to HAM in two weeks once again!

If you couldn’t tell by the horrendous quality, this was shot on my Samsung A51


Just as a by the way, I don’t think Lufthansa operates any A350-900ULRs

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Nice pictures!!

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Thanks! It was a true struggle trying not to have too many window reflections in the photos… I did quite some acrobatic manoveurs xD

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Nice shots bro, btw I’m happy for you regarding the ATC !


It’s etihad btw ahah

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Thanks mate! Will correct it ;)

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A cool photo I forgot:

My first time of deicing!


Awesome pictures. I flew with Lufthansa back in 2019 on my trip to Italy, wonderful airline. As for your ATC career I wish you luck! I know DFS is a wonderful company who will help you succeed! I’ll be going to the FAA academy hopefully in the next couple of years here in the states so I understand your situation (:

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Lufthansa is definitely a great airline, even though their standard onboard service in Economy now only includes a bottle of water and a bar of small chocolate due to CoVid financials. The crews are amazing though and the legroom is really good, too! I flew on an Iberia A319 last summer, and they definitely tried to squeeze a lot more PAX in from what I could tell. Couldn’t even put my knees out straight ^^

As with the DFS, I am really happy that I have come as far. Even though it would be really sad to be rejected in such a late phase, I at least now know I am in the top 25% of the average applicants.


Nice shot!


Thanks mate! Was a very cool experience, especially since it was still mostly dark outside!

Have fun loading weights on virtual bridges then 👀 everything better than staring on flashing lights and listening to letters for 45 minutes lol

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Yeah, that would be really painful. Imagine this would happen to someone 👀👀👀👀🌚🙈

This honestly was the worst hour of my life… The pressure combined with this grueling task was too much…

Yeah, that’ll be hit or miss for me ^^

Did it really?

The worst part actually was that you thought you failed horribly afterwards since at some point you’d reach the „did I just miss one repeated flashing“ stage lol

I may or may not be one of the 10 out of 12 in my test who didn’t make it past the second round, that last Interview killed most of us, but at least I wasn’t the one they suggested to become an UN ambassador for children or something to 😂

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Nice pictures! This month is SIKO Munich Security Conference (18.2 - 20.2). Will you be there for spotting? EDDM

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Not sure if we should expect too much since the biggest special planned so far is the A319 of Bulgaria lol

Yeah, that was the closest I ever got to hallucination xD Coupled with the bad sleep due to meinHotel, this was a true nightmare xD

I heard very mixed stuff about this… Some said it was a breeze, some were kicked out due to presenting themselves too insecure in front of 5 psychologists xD Probably depends on their mood lol


If you are referring to me: No I won’t because I live too far away from the airport for it to be worth it, especially because I don’t own a camera, so I would be screwed in MUC anyways as the runway is always quite far away, at least too far to get good shots with my phone…

They really kicked a lot in our group with a lot of weird reasons lol

I was just too perfectionist for the job 🤡

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