4 Fighter Fun!

Hello IFC

Yes tis I the one who never posts Screenshot topics because I’m garbage at making them.

So I’m sure you noticed that there are 3 of the same topics. Yes this probably make ur brain hurt did mine too when we were talking about it but you know what it is what it is. So anyways me, @robertine, and @El_YuainXD were messing around in some fighter jets in the DCA area on casual. Oddly enough I couldn’t get the 3D buildings to show up on my device or there would be some pictures of me blasting past the tower.

Any hew, enjoy the photos I went with black and white because its fighter jets and enhances the feel 😏

^ the classic wing shot

^ inside shot of Robertine going X-games mode

^ random shot

^ @El_YuainXD doing a seep turn

^ photooooo blurrrrrr

^ Fred Looking into the eyes of infinity and beyond

^ cockpit with some sun

How are they
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Dont ask about the landing it was lets just say far from good…


It was perfect, I asume.

Great black and white vibes, Blake!

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Tanku very much

and perfect in Freds eyes 😏

This is the same comment

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Hi Felix

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Awesome photos!

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Thank You!

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