4 Dead in Dubai Plane Crash 161545ZMAY19

Hello there Earlier today at 7:45PM Dubai time 3 British and 1 South African died in a plane crash at Dubai the airport came to a standstill but is working again now it is a shock to me as I am British and it is upsetting to hear that 3 more British have died this evening
Please show some support to this as it is heartbreaking

My current information:
Location: Dubai International
Lives on board: 4
Time: 15:45Z 19:45 DXB time
Aircraft Diamond DA42 twinstar


Another crash? Seriously? I will look into it and give you some info.

R.I.P to all who passed.

Okay so it was a light aircraft, not the Heavy I thought it would be.
Still, lives were lost.


Hey there, I’m so sorry for that. If you can give more info. about the crash… it would be great.
Have a nice day.

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Yep it happened a couple of hours ago I am surprised it hasn’t gone viral like all the other crashes

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Please link an article next time.

Here’s something for reference: 4 killed in plane crash near Dubai airport | Uae – Gulf News

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Ok will do

Hello Everyone!

I have linked an article and given the latest information that I have at this moment
Information doesn’t all come straight away though so that’s is why