(4 Attending) Spectacular Airshow @KSUU 1602000ZNOV19

Hey guys come on down and join me for a epic airshow!

  • Aircraft: Any military aircraft. (Except the KC-10)

  • Route: You may do Formation flights around the airspace, then formation landings. You don’t have to do formations. Bring your best tricks!

  • Time of Departure: 2000Z.

  • Server: Casual. (Because of violations you can get in Training and Expert severs.)

  • Rules: Be realistic, Don’t taxi through grass, people/other aircraft, use Unicom.

Formation Group: You may have a Formation Flight, judges may give you extra points if you execute it professionally. You don’t need to a have a formation flight if you don’t want to.

Judges: We will need judges to judge the landings and tricks and skills. If you want to judge type your name in the thread with bolded text

Partner And Gate Assignments: South Remote 01 @Butter249 F-16
South Remote 02 @anon38496261 F22
South Remote 03 @CPTMarzipan C-17
South Remote 04 @Justin_Mease F-16
South Remote 05


Hello! Group flights can only take place within 3 hours of the topic being posted. Please move this to #live:events.


Ok sure thing thank you.


This sounds awesome! When is this to take place? I sort of don’t know how to read the times in the titles.

Can I be a judge?

Sure thing Starz.

BTW we only need 2 judges.

So Starz is one judge.

Paste this into the Original Post, to help people know the date:

[date=2019-11-16 time=10:00:00 timezone="Etc/GMT"]

Is there anyway I could be on standby to be a judge? I think I’ll be able to judge, but I won’t know for sure until tomorrow.

Sure you can be a standby judge. Just PM me if you have time tomorrow.

Do we have to sign up to be a pilot?

You have to sign up to take part in the Airshow. Just tell me your Aircraft and Gate you want.

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I will be in an F-22. I don’t know what gates there are at Travis though. Let me get back to you sometime soon.

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Wow, 4 a.m. my time. I would participate if it was either 6 hours earlier or 6 hours later.


Sure thing @anon38496261. Tell me your gate when your ready.


@KennedyTurner sorry man I can’t switch up the times, if not it wouldn’t work for me.

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Awesome. And it’s November 16th, right?

Yup Nov 16th.

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Sounds great! I’ll get that gate assignment for you tomorrow (I’m flying to Heathrow right now)